TV anime ‘Engage Kiss’ ABEMA will broadcast all episodes at once

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It has been decided that all episodes of the TV anime “Engage Kiss” will be broadcast on ABEMA Anime Channel 3 on Saturday, April 15th.

“Engage Kiss” is an original animation work produced by A-1 Pictures, with a series composition and script by Fumiaki Maruto, original character design by Tsunako, and a unique incident “D disaster” caused by “devil.”

Set in the city of Beiron City, where there are many disasters, Ogata Shu, a young man who is responsible for dealing with the “D disaster,” made a contract with the devil in exchange for a kiss, Kisara, the demon girl who made the contract, and Ayano, Shu’s ex-girlfriend.

A romantic comedy action centered on it is drawn. Shu leads a sloppy life, Kisara supports Shu with his strong desire to monopolize, and other unique characters, unpredictable love triangles, and decisive battle scenes have gained popularity.

This time, the TV anime “Engage Kiss,” which has been decided to be broadcast in its entirety, will be posted all at once on Saturday, April 15th, at 0:00 noon and 5:55 noon. The story can be viewed for free.

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