All 14 cast members of ‘Fe-Renzai’ released Maaya Uchida, Tomokazu Sugita, Yuto Takahashi, Reia Nakamura, and others.

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It has been decided that the TV anime “Fe~Renzai -Kamisama no Nichijou-” will start broadcasting on 6 TV Tokyo affiliated stations from July 4 (every Tuesday from 24:00 to 24:30, for 13 weeks).

In addition, a total of 14 prominent cast members have been announced, including Maaya Uchida, Tomokazu Sugita, Yuto Takahashi (HiHi Jets/Johnny’s Jr.), and Reia Nakamura (7 MEN Samurai/Johnny’s Jr.). is the Japanese dubbed version of the popular animation “Fei Ren Zai,” which has become a social phenomenon in China and boasts national popularity. Finally, it will be broadcast in Japan.

A comedy depicting the gods’ funny and bizarre daily life from myths such as Fuushin Engi,''Journey to the West,” and “Sankaikyo,” living in modern society. Shensen youkai, who appear in ancient Chinese legends, live quietly in contemporary society despite having divine and magical powers. Beautiful girl, OL? The nine-tailed fox, Kyugetsu, the dragon that looks scary but wants to be protected; Gouretsu, the stupid but unlovable Koten; the cool and cute handsome boy; Nata, the troubled middle manager; Kannon, everyone’s three-eyed brother; Yōzen, naturally neat and clean.

The rabbit Tama-chan, the nervous but lovely married woman Seiei, the cute but runaway Ryume, the fiery brawler Kougai, the intelligent genius god beast Hakutaku, the headless but man among men Keiten, the self-proclaimed cool brother. Juuichigetsu is a gentle but busy duck. It will be a heartfelt slapstick comedy depicting their lively daily life.

Cast List
Kyugetsu/Maaya Uchida
Gouretsu/Tomokazu Sugita Koten
/Yuto Takahashi (HiHi Jets/Johnny’s Jr.)
Nata / Reia Nakamura (7 MEN Samurai / Johnny’s Jr.)
Kannon / Hiroshi Kamiya
as Yōzen / Shinichiro Miki as
Juichigetsu / Nobuhiko Okamoto
as Ryume / Sumire Uesaka
as Kogai /
Shota Aoi as Tamachan / Rii Seiei
Takahashi / Akari
Kito as Hakutaku/Yuki Kaji
as Keiten/Seiji Maeda
as Dakki/Suzuko Mimori

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