A unique program on NHK just before the broadcast of the soccer manga ‘Aoashi’ animation, Kengo Nakamura and other professionals get hot.

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From 12:00 on Saturday, March 26, NHK BS1 will broadcast “We have become stronger with manga,” Aoashi-Evolve with Thinking Soccer “.

The appeal of the soccer manga “Aoashi” is explained by active soccer players Daiki Matsuoka (Shimizu S-Pulse), Miki Yamane (Kawasaki Frontale), and legend Kengo Nakamura, who retired in November 2020.

“Aoashi”, which will start the animation on NHK E-Tele in April
“Aoashi” will begin broadcasting anime on NHK E-Tele from April. It is a work that depicts the hot rivalry of the players who are competing with J Youth, the subordinate organization of the professional soccer team.

It is known not only for the friendship and clashes of players who are also rivals who have become professionals but also for the style that incorporates the ever-evolving soccer tactics as cartoon entertainment. The story that reflects the latest trends is The content is outstanding for both beginners and core soccer fans.

Therefore, many readers are active professional soccer players and former players. It is not uncommon for well-known people to appear in the promotion projects of the latest issue of the book.

The fun of “Aoashi” by Daiki Matsuoka, Miki Yamane, and Kengo Nakamura
An interview with Daiki Matsuoka and Miki Yamane, also representatives of Japan, is broadcast in “Aoashi-Evolve with Thinking Soccer-“, which features such manga.

Both talk about “conflicts in the youth era,” “empathetic scenes,” and “pushing characters” from the perspective of a professional player.

In addition, Kengo Nakamura, a legend of Kawasaki Frontale and one of Japan’s leading players, will also appear. We will explain the production of “Aoashi” while comparing the actual play.

The editor, Katsunobu Ogino, and the author, Yugo Kobayashi, who gave birth to “Aoashi,” also revealed how the work was produced.

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