The hot topic in animation decisions! The latest nine volumes of ‘Surgeon Elise’ are on sale!

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Distribution of original bandages at Animate target stores

The latest 9th volume of “Surgeon Elise” (manga: mini work: yuin), which is currently being serialized on a manga distribution service, will be released on June 5th (Monday).

In commemorating the release, we will randomly distribute original bandages to those who purchased the Product at the Animate Target store!

Elise, who ended her life by being called the wicked empress and being burned at the stake in her first life, lived for the sake of others as a surgeon in her second life to settle the mistakes she made in her previous life.

However, one day she dies in a plane crash, and when she wakes up, she returns to her first life.

Reincarnated into her 16-year-old self ten years before her execution, Elise struggles to prevent her marriage to her former spouse in her previous life to live her life with no regrets.

A very popular reincarnation love fantasy that will make you wonder what will happen next!

A genius surgeon returns to his first life in his third reincarnation!? Elise the Surgeon Vol.

Elise, who was called the wicked empress and was burned at the stake and ended her life. She lived her second life as a surgeon to make up for the mistakes she made in her previous life, but one day she was killed in a plane crash… but when she woke up, she returned to her first life! Elise, reincarnated as her 16-year-old self ten years before she was executed, struggles to prevent her engagement with her former spouse to live a life with no regrets, but… A popular title on manga distribution service, made into a comic!

This time, the long-awaited latest 9th volume was released today, June 5th (Monday).

The two were found by the enemy army and cornered.
As expected, fate and how――!?
“Surgeon Elise” Volume 9
[Author] Manga: mini, Product: yuin
[List price] 1,078 yen (central unit 980 yen + tax)

Unfortunately, Elise and the Crown Prince, Linden, were found by the Republic Army and fell into crisis again.

Linden uses his supernatural powers to make sure that even Elise escapes, but Elise protects him, and he falls with an assassin’s bullet.

A blood transfusion is the only way to save the dying Elise!
While finding suitable blood is extremely difficult, a certain person comes up with a name ──!?

In commemorating the release of the new book, from today, June 5th (Monday), we will randomly distribute original bandages (1 type) to those who purchase products at Animate target stores.

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