An anime that was sarcastic about the British royal family was criticized at the same time as it was released.

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That actor is in charge of the voice of Prince Harry in the new anime series “The Prince.” On July 29, HBO Max released the first 12 episodes of the anime, which are sarcastic about the British royal family, but there are pros and cons.

Orlando Bloom and Prince Harry fight paparazzi as neighbors in Los Angeles while united in the new animated series “The Prince.” In the first 12 episodes of the anime series, released on HBO Max on July 29, Orlando Bloom was responsible for the voice of the Duke of Sussex, satirizing a series of events in the British royal family.

The anime came from a parody video Gary Janetti on his Instagram account that Prince George criticized news about the British royal family. In addition to Prince Harry, the series also features Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, voiced by Francis de la Tour. Lucy Punch will be the voice of Princess Catherine, Condola Rashad will be the voice of Mrs. Megan, and Ivan Leon will be the voice of Prince William. In addition, Dan Stevens is in charge of Prince Charles, the future king, and Sophie Turner is in order of the voice of Princess Charlotte, the sister of Prince George, the main character.

Royal fans immediately targeted him.

The people of Windsor Castle haven’t responded to this new anime series yet, but some royal experts quickly expressed anger. Daily Mail columnist Richard Eden told his Twitter account, “Orlando Bloom is crying about privacy breaches with Montecito’s neighbor, Prince Harry, while eight-year-old Prince George. He’s appeared in a ridiculous TV series. It’s a strange story. ” Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom initially refused to be the voice actor for the anime series, saying in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, “I’m British, and I’m very proud of my roots.” He said he did. “I know how much the royal family is loved by some and hated by others, and I always consider my roots. I don’t make a fool of myself, but this work is very clever, witty, and satire in a loving way. ” FiancĂ© Katy Perry, who found the show “great,” also persuaded him to change his mind. Orlando Bloom also explained that he had not yet known Prince Harry at the time of the contract. “I met him afterward, and he’s a lovely person with humor. I want Prince Harry to see this series with a good sense of humor. They (Royal Family: Editor’s Note) ) Are exalted on the throne, and the people somehow have absolute respect for them. “

The whimsical and arrogant little prince

Aside from the relationship between the two neighbors, critics have already made critical comments. Gary Janetti portrays Prince George as a whimsical and arrogant figure at only eight in The Prince.

The character has been unpopular with British royal fans and has expressed anger on social media, saying, “It’s harassment for the future successor to the throne of Britain.” However, the show’s producer said at the beginning, “By royal order, we command you to enjoy this series. Please note that the characters and events are entirely fiction. In short, this is a real royal family. It’s more like a parody, not a story about it. So please calm down. This is an order. “But it seems that this message alone wasn’t enough.

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