‘The Night Beyond the Window’ Episode 11 Stop the Despairing Triangle Runaway!

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The 11th episode synopsis of the TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window,” which is being broadcast from October 3, 2021, has been released.

The TV anime “The Night Beyond the Window” is based on the popular comic of the same name, with a cumulative circulation of over 2 million copies based on Tomoko Yamashita. It is a horror mystery in which a bookstore clerk who can see the spirit and a man who is a ghost teacher form a psychic detective buddy and pursue the mystery of unsolved cases related to ghosts and curses.

Episode 11 will start broadcasting on TOKYO MX and others from 22:00 on Sunday, December 12. Synopsis, click here for the preceding scene cut!

Episode 11 “Confrontation”
Triangle, who confronts his birth father, the teacher, finds out that he is a murderer and that he hates him so much that he wants to kill him, and his power is about to run away from despair.

To stop the runaway of the triangle, Erika tries to make a way to the space where the triangle and the teacher are, with the help of Hanzawa.

Meanwhile, to help Cold River, Yuki continues to speak to Cold River, a young figure who escapes into the space created by her teacher.

A new sensation, “inspirational entertainment” by the psychic detective buddy

Broadcasting on TOKYO MX and others from 22:00 on Sunday, October 3, 2021!

Pre-exclusive delivery on FOD!

Broadcast / delivery information

TOKYO MX (first time) Starts on October 3, every Sunday from 22:00

Sun TV starts on October 3, every Sunday from 23:30

BS Fuji starts on October 5, every Tuesday from 24:00

CS “Home Drama Channel” starts on November 19, every Friday from 2:00 midnight (2 episodes broadcast)

FOD advance exclusive distribution Starts October 3 Every Sunday from 22:00 to the latest episode distribution

“My destiny, you.”
The strongest psychic detective buddy in history was born by a ghost master and assistant!

Kosuke Triangle, who has a constitution that “sees” eerie things from long ago, discovers his talent by a ghost detective, Rihito Coldkawa, who he meets by chance, and is forced to form a psychic detective duo.

“This is a fateful encounter.”
Hiekawa, obsessed with the triangle, and Hiekawa, who cannot leave the dangerous Hiekawa alone. What is the truth of “fate” that emerges while solving numerous cases?

The manga “The Night Beyond the Window” by Tomoko Yamashita (Kurofune Comics / published by Libre).

The best-selling comic, which has exceeded the cumulative circulation of 2 million copies, has been made into a TV animation following the live-action movie!

A new sensation, “inspirational entertainment” with the triple time of “horror x mystery x buddy love,” will open this fall!

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