‘SPY×FAMILY’ Yoru’s charm is her purity. It’s challenging to act as an assassin and change her normal mode. Saori Hayami

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The TV anime SPY×FAMILY” Season 2 is currently airing the luxury cruise ship edition.”. The story revolves around Yol and depicts her conflicts and feelings as a member of the Forger family and a killer. ORICON NEWS interviewed Saori Hayami, who plays Yoru, for each episode of “Luxury Cruise Ship Edition.” In the second installment of the series, we looked back at episode 31. (Text: Masaki Endo / Edit: Hideaki Sakurai)

This work is Lloyd Forger, also known as Twilight, a brilliant spy who works on daily intelligence missions to improve the world. (Mission) arrives. She aims to start a family and infiltrate a social gathering at a prestigious school. Twilight takes on the role of Lloyd, a psychiatrist, and creates a family, but the daughter Anya he meets is a psychic who can read minds, and his wife Yor is a murderer. It was a shop.

This is a spy action comedy in which a “temporary family” who hide each other’s identities for their purposes take on a mission. The story depicts an episode in which a mafia member who is being targeted is escorted on a luxury cruise ship.

The battle scene finally began in the “Luxury Cruise Ship Edition”! In the beginning, Orca tells Yoru, You don’t look like the person behind the scenes.” Even in her killer mode, she said, Please don’t shoot when there’s a baby,” and Yoru showed kindness, but from Hayami-san’s point of view, what exactly is Yoru’s charm?

As Orca said, she is so pure that she doesn’t look like someone working behind the scenes. She’s cute in how she accepts things head-on and reacts honestly, which makes her so appealing.

In this “luxury cruise ship” episode, there are a lot of monologues from her, and there are many times where you can get a glimpse of what she was thinking about. Also, her work mode and her average mode change from frame to frame is unique to stories that focus on her.

The lines during the battle, “Oh, are you inviting me to a dance…?” and “I look like this, but I’m a married woman…” were chilling. I thought you were successfully parrying the opponent rather than defeating them, but what kind of production did you receive when recording this?

Regarding the dance, Yoru-san also felt that “we shouldn’t have a battle here.” This is a scene where you can see how hard she worked as she managed to blend in with those around her while defeating her.

Speaking of killer mode, there are many scenes where her expression changes to her standard expression immediately after or during a highly intense battle. So, when I said my lines as if I was in killer mode, I was sometimes told, “You can completely go back to being your normal Yoru-san at this point.” It was challenging to adjust their boundaries because the person was unconsciously changing their mind.

Is it like turning a switch on and off?

That’s right. That’s part of her charm, so I’m playing her carefully.

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