Animated comic “I can’t go on air!” By BS TV Tokyo staff depicting “the back side of the TV”!

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Kana Mafune enrolled in BS TV Tokyo, wrote the comic “I can’t go on air!” With the motif of the episode when she worked as an AD during the TV Tokyo Production Bureau. ] Is decided to be animated. It will be broadcast from January 2022 on BS TV Tokyo, TV Tokyo, and ATX.

“I can’t go on air! ] Is a topical work drawn by Kana Mafune, a human being inside a TV station, about the surprising reality of “a job called” AD “that I know somehow, but I don’t know.”

In 2014, the main character was a newcomer AD Mafuneko who joined “Tokyo Hajikko Television” located in the corner of Tokyo, “picking up 300 acorns” and “mosaicing the” secret “reflected in the camera.

“Continue” is a sober and mysterious task. While surrounded by Gyokai people, such as a director with a tongue-in-cheek and an overseas location director who excretes in a wok, he depicts aiming to become a full-fledged TVman.

This time, four cast members will be announced along with the animation.
Yo Taichi will play the role of Mafuneko, Yasuhiro Mamiya will play the role of Onikawara Director, Riho Sugiyama will play the role of Yori-chan, and Yuya Hirose will play the role of Chief AD Yokoyama.

In addition, comments and commemorative illustrations have arrived from the earth and the original authors.

“I can’t go on air! It will be broadcast on BS TV Tokyo, TV Tokyo, and AT-X from January 2022.

While reading her original manga, I felt that Mafune and her heart, which should have chosen a different life from me, were linked, and I was able to smoothly reproduce the lines in my brain with her voice.

As a result, I’m pleased to be entrusted with the role worth playing in this way!

It is full of naked screams of Mafneko, who works hard behind the TV.
And the sense of speed of the angry waves unique to short animation is also a highlight!

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