What is your favorite TV anime character played by voice actor “Kana Asumi”? Explain 4 characters!

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Kana Asumi, a voice actor who has gained popularity in the main heroine “Yuno” in “Hidamari Sketch” and has played many famous characters since then. She is a talented voice actor with a history of winning the 2009 Voice Actor Awards and the 2013 Voice Actor Awards.

This time, of the many TV anime characters that Mr. Asumi has played, what is your favorite? Let’s think about the theme. First of all, I would like to introduce four characters from the characters that Mr. Asumi has played so far.

Popular Taneshima “WORKING !!”
Popular Taneshima, a part-time job in charge of hall staff at the family restaurant “Wagnerian.” The petite and healing girlfriend’s charm point is the “ahoge” that comes out a little from the ponytail. Also, when you call her main character Sota Takanashi, you always mistakenly call her “Katana-kun,” and Mr. Asumi’s acting brought out the character’s cuteness.

Tsukiyomi Chainmi “Sasami-san @ Do not do your best”
“Sasami-san @ Do not do your best” depicts the mysterious phenomenon that falls on the modest life of the withdrawal hero, Tsukuyomi Sasami, and her slave constitution, “Onii-chan.” Chain beauty, characterized by fluffy curled curly hair, is also a two-sided character, and her expressive power was fully demonstrated.

Marika Tachibana “Nisekoi”
Marika Tachibana, who appears as the protagonist, Raku’s daughter-in-law, is the daughter of the police chief and a high school girl whose trademark is her flower hair ornament. She is a hard worker who spares her efforts and time if she likes or is interested. She usually has a young lady’s tone, but she sometimes speaks the Hakata dialect when her emotions rise. It was also a point where you could enjoy the native dialect unique to Mr. Asumi from Fukuoka prefecture.

Yuno’s “Hidamari Sketch Series”
“Yuno” is the main heroine of “Hidamari Sketch.” She is a high school student living in Room 201 of Hidamari-so, and she has a cute and pure personality. Although she has a natural part, she is a girl who has various charms such as earnest efforts and commitment. Her Mr. Asumi performed her innocent part, and her high acting ability was highly evaluated.

What is your favorite TV anime character played by Kana Asumi?
The above introduces the four characters, but this is only a part of what Mr. Asumi played. Which character do you like best?

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