Takumi Kitamura & Nijiro Murakami are surprised by Ryo Yoshizawa’s handsomeness: ‘He’s a national treasure. ‘He’s beyond cool.’

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Actors Takumi Kitamura (25), Ryo Yoshizawa (29), and Nijiro Murakami (26) appeared on stage at the final run stage greeting for the movie “Tokyo Revengers 2” held in Tokyo on the 30th.

Murakami, who played the role of Ichitora, who played the role of Ichitora, who showed the bond between friends, is currently on rest and gave a deep greeting when entering the venue. Kitamura, who plays the role of Takemichi, greeted the audience by saying, “My friends are back. I am deeply moved, but I will do it roughly.” Yoshizawa, who plays Mikey, said, “It’s rare to do a stage greeting like this after two months. I feel grateful. Let’s have fun and take it easy,” he said with a smile.

After that, Murakami grabbed the microphone and said, “I’m home!” He then said with deep emotion, “It’s been a while. Or rather, it’s nice to meet you for the first time. I’ve kept you waiting for so long. I’m so happy that today is here.”

On this day, the talk centered on Murakami, who was participating in the stage greeting for “Higashi Libe” for the first time. Murakami said, “Sometimes I think Takemichi is too cool than the original,” Kitamura said, “Every time I do something, he says something like this,” which caused laughter.

When Murakami asserted that “(Yoshizawa and Kitamura) are the top two in Japan,” Kitamura said, “I’m out of range. He’s just the top. He’s amazing. He’s a national treasure.” Once again, Murakami was surprised, saying, “Mikey has to be cool. He’s even better than I imagined he would be this cool.” Murakami said, “The difference between his usual off-feel and his on-feel as Mikey is huge.” I was surprised at how much he had changed. I was amazed at how much he had changed in his daily routine and how much he had to relax and separate his on- and off-duty moments just for the moment of the actual performance.” Yoshizawa said, “I can’t just be Mikey all the time (lol),” but added, “I consciously try to relax.”

“Tokyo Revengers” is based on a popular manga that was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” (Kodansha) from 2017 to 2022. The main character is Takemichi Hanagaki, a part-time freelancer at the lowest point in his life and a student at the peak of his life. The story is about a man who travels back in time to save his lover who was killed there, changes himself from running away, and starts revenge on his life.

It is a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 70 million comics, and the TV anime will be broadcast from April to September 2021 with the “August 3 Conflict Edition” and “Bloody Halloween Edition,” and the second season “Holy Night” will be aired from April to September 2021. Decisive Battle” will be broadcast from January to March 2023, and in October 2023, the third “Tenjiku” will be published from October.

A live-action movie will be released in July 2021, and its sequel, “Tokyo Revengers 2 Bloody Halloween Edition”, is based on the “Bloody Halloween Edition” depicted in volumes 4 to 8 of the original comic. A famous episode in anime is expressed in two parts, “-Fate-” (Part 1) and “-Decisive Battle-” (Part 2), with the first part being released on April 21 and the second part on June 30.

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