Animation project directed by Jun Wada selected for Zagreb International Animated Film Festival.

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An animation project, “Ikimono-san,” directed by

Animation artist Jun Wada has started. Animation project “Ikimono-san” logo Director Wada has won numerous awards, including the Silver Bear Award in the short film category of the Berlin International Film Festival. “Ikimono-san” is based on the game “My Exercise,” New Deer handles animation production, and Toei Animation is responsible for production.

At the same time, it was also revealed that the first episode of “Ikimono-san,” “Turtle Times,” was selected for the short film competition section of the Zagreb International Animation Film Festival. Further details will be announced at a later date.

Animation “Ikimono-san” Original: Game “My Exercise” Director: Atsushi Wada Planning/Producing: Nobuaki Doi Animation Production: New Deer Production: Toei Animation (c) Atsushi Wada, New Deer/Toei Animation

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