Higurashi x Clannad, Arasa Otaku Aiming Collaboration is a Topic.

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Smartphones Game ” Higurashi and the life” of love adventure game masterpiece ” CLANNAD collaboration (Clannad)” is, starting from August 13. It has attracted a great deal of attention, such as entering trends on Twitter.

“Higurashi When They Cry Life” is based on the horror adventure game “Higurashi When They Cry” series that approaches the tragedy in Hinamizawa, Kanmura, in the early summer of 1983. A game for smartphones.

The gap in which the characters who had been engaged in comical exchanges became parties to the horrific incident became popular, and the new TV animation for the first time in about seven years from the previous work is also being broadcast. On the other hand, “CLANNAD” is a romance adventure game in which a boy who lives a sedentary life meets a girl and grows up.

The story that depicts friendship and family love, not just romance, was highly evaluated as a “crying game” that invites tears. The TV anime series by Kyoto Animation also gained popularity.

The original is a long-lived work that has sold over 100,000 copies, which is unusual for PC games, and has been ported to “PlayStation 4” and “Nintendo Switch.” In this collaboration, you can enjoy the interaction between the characters of both works, but some voices are worried that the styles are extreme in SNS and that it is “dangerous to mix.”

In addition, both games were initially released in the early 2000s. Since they were animated after that, there are also opinions of “Araser Otaku Aiming” pointing to the fan base.

In addition, the voice actors of the main heroine are both Mai Nakahara. So, it was pointed out that the announcement PV has two roles for each person. App compatible models will start on August 13 with “iOS,” “Android,” and “Higurashi When They Cry Life.”

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