Animation ‘Violet Evergarden’ piano concert to be held

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A piano concert where you can enjoy the world of the anime “Violet Evergarden” series will be held on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17, at the Kawaguchiko Circular Hall in Yamanashi.

Based on the album “Though Seasons Change ~ Violet Evergarden Piano Memories ~”, which was released in March 2022 by the Lantis label and is a piano arrangement of the music of the anime “Violet Evergarden” series, Saturday, July 16. This performance will be held at Kawaguchiko Circular Hall in Kawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, on Sunday, 17th. The box office is owned twice a day, and Koichi Sato, who was in charge of playing the piano in the daytime performance with the gekitomo of. In the evening performance, Sail Morioka, who was in charge of playing the piano, also appeared. Viewing tickets will be sold by lottery from 12:00 on April 12 (Tuesday).

The anime “Violet Evergarden” series is a Kyoto animation work made into a TV animation in 2018 based on the novel of the same name by Kana Akatsuki. “Violet Evergarden the Movie”, released in 2020, recorded a hit with box office revenue of over 2.1 billion yen and is also known for receiving the Japan Academy Prize for Excellence.

Evan Call, an up-and-coming composer, is in charge of the music in the play. The music written for the work is highly regarded for its detailed and delicate expressions that are close to the stories weaved by the characters, including the main character, Violet Evergarden.

Please pay attention to the concert where you can experience the world view of the anime “Violet Evergarden” series up close.

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