Mamoru Miyano’s ‘Yabame’ Characters 3 Selections

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The predictions of the Internet people are correct! The past character of Mr. Miyano, the demon of the first string

In the final episode of “Kimetsu no Yaiba Yukaku Hen,” it was found that Mamoru Miyano was the demon of the first string. Even among the fans, the cast was widely expected to be “I don’t know why, but I knew it from my soul” and “The interpretation is too consistent,” but the basis for this is Mr. Miyano’s past cast.

This article will introduce three works of “Yabame Chara” that Mr. Miyano played in the past. Even on SNS, it has a good reputation as “a mysterious performance full of metamorphosis” and “a strong role of habit! (Laughs)”.

“Tokyo Ghoul” Shuu Tsukiyama

“Ghoul” hunts humans and eats their carcasses while having the same appearance as humans. Humans were frightened by the attacks on the edible species and lived while being protected by the police and the CGC (Eating Species Countermeasures Bureau). This organization aims to eradicate edible species.

Meanwhile, Ken Kaneki (Kaneki Ken / CV: Natsuki Hanae), a university student who likes reading, met a woman, Toshiyo Kamishiro (Kamishiro Rize / CV: Kana Hanazawa), at her favorite coffee shop “Anteiku.” ) And decided to have a date.

However, Kaneki was seriously injured when involved in an accident on a date. Kaneki managed to survive the surgery, but he started to experience something wrong with his body, such as what he ate wasn’t delicious.

“Tokyo Ghoul” is an anime based on the manga of the same name (written by Sui Ishida / Shueisha) and is currently being produced until the 4th period (3rd period + final chapter). The original is a famous work that has exceeded 44 million copies in the series worldwide.

In the second phase of the anime, the original author, Sui Ishida, was involved in the production and is working on the original story. Shuu Tsukiyama, played by Mamoru Miyano, is a strange person who is unusually obsessed with food, even though he is a university student with beautiful eyes.

Gassan is one of the “ghouls” that eat human carcasses. He usually mimics a human being as a college student. Still, he is attracted to the mysterious smell of Kaneki. He tries to contact him to eat Kaneki. Gassan gets excited by pressing a handkerchief with Kaneki’s blood against his mouth. Mr. Miyano plays such Tsukiyama with a lot of madness.

Gassan usually looks like an ordinary young man who is a little ugly, but when he hunts down to eat Kaneki, he shows his true character. He licked the blood of Kaneki in his hand and screamed “Tre !!! Bian !!”, and he went mad with “My God!”

The switch from the usual calm voice to a sudden crazy cry. If you want to enjoy the dangerousness of Gassan, please check the latter half of the fifth episode. This work can be seen at “d Anime Store,” “Netflix,” “U-NEXT,” etc.

“STEINS; GATE” Rintarou Okabe

Rintarou Okabe, a first-year student at Tokyo Denki University, is the founder of the invention circle “Future Gadget Research Institute” active in Akihabara. He gathered with circle members (commonly known as Labmen) and laboratories (labs) to develop inventions of unknown use every day. One day, Okabe decides to go to a press conference to commemorate the success of the time machine’s design with his childhood friend Mayuri Shiina (CV: Kana Hanazawa).

There, he happened to meet a genius girl, Kurisu Makise (CV: Asami Imai), but immediately after parting, she fell into the sea of ​​blood. Okabe hurriedly sent an email to Itaru Hashida (CV: Tomokazu Seki) of Labmen, but he was dizzy when he pressed the send button.

“STEINS; GATE” is an anime based on a game of the same name from the game brand “5pb.” In 2011, it was selected as a recommended work by the judging committee at the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division and had been highly evaluated.

Okabe, played by Mamoru Miyano, is a college student with two illnesses who calls himself a mad scientist, Hoouin Kyoma.

Even in the middle of summer, Okabe wears a white coat, suddenly laughs and poses, answers a phone that has not received a call, and pretends to be a call, showing a relatively high level of chuunibyo. Mr. Miyano plays such Okabe somehow happily.

Okabe has a strong habit of playing a mad scientist who runs away from the “institution” and angering the surroundings with an unmanned attitude. Still, his acting also has the naturalness that makes me think, “this kind of person is there.” Okabe is also characterized by the fact that he is a good man and is loved by labmen, even though he is a villain. This work can be seen at “d Anime Store,” “Netflix,” “U-NEXT,” etc.

“Gatchaman Crowds” Berg Katse

The stage is Tachikawa City, Tokyo, in 2015. Hajime Ichinose (Ichinose Hajime / CV: Maaya Uchida), a strange high school girl, was having lunch on her rooftop with her favorite notebook. Before she fell asleep, she appeared to a mysterious man who said, “Wake up, to the wings that you can’t see now.”

The man pulled out a notebook called “NOTE” from the beginning and disappeared. On the other hand, around Tachikawa Station, young people with the same notebook as the beginning are transforming into Gatchaman and fighting with someone.

“Gatchaman Crowds” is an original animation produced by Tatsunoko Production, “Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.” In the early summer of 2015, the members selected as Gatchaman will leap to protect the citizens in Tachikawa City, which has the second capital function. Berg Katse, played by Mamoru Miyano, is a mysterious person who calls himself an alien and confronts the Gatchaman’s.

The mysterious monster, Katze, has an eerie ability to mimic the human being by kissing. When he suddenly appears in the city of Tachikawa, he tries to imitate a drunken person and becomes a street demon, and enjoys watching people suffer, showing a glimpse of his evil nature.

Mr. Miyano is proudly playing such a Katze. Katze, frivolous and elusive at his own pace, swings around humans from beginning to end and is alive. Also, pay attention to Mr. Miyano’s performances such as “Siren” and “Warawara” that use net slang happily. This work can be seen at “d Anime Store,” “U-NEXT,” “Amazon Prime Video,” etc.

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