In charge of songwriting for Ayano Tsuji’s ‘Deaimon’ insert song

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It turned out that singer-songwriter Ayano Tsuji was in charge of writing and composing the insert song “Yae ni Saki” for the TV anime “Deaimon” that started in April.

This work, a TV animation of Rin Asano’s manga of the same name, is a heart-warming story set in Kyoto’s long-established Japanese sweets shop, Midorimatsu. In the second episode, “Echoing Through the Hydrangea,” broadcast on April 13, a high school girl, Mitsuru Horikawa, who distributes guitar-playing narration on the posting site without revealing her identity, will be an essential character.

Tsuji wrote and composed the insert song “Yae ni Saki” sung by Mitsuru. It is a heartwarming song that incorporates the narration taste of Tsuji’s musical style. Tsuji said, “I made it while imagining” Yae ni Saki “sung by Mitsuru-chan in work. I looked at myself by singing a song while expecting and anxious about the” future “that I couldn’t see yet. I think of you. I’m still not enough, but I’m sure I’ve drawn a positive feeling that it will bloom in double. “

Also, since he is from Kyoto, which is the same as the stage of the work, “Wa, the main character, gives up the band and struggles to take over the Japanese sweets shop in his parents’ house. I feel like a very close friend. It’s like a music circle at a university or a senior. So it’s fun to read “Deaimon”. The Kyoto Ben that the people of Midorimatsu exchange. I’m glad that the conversation is nostalgic, “he said.

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