Anime ‘4 tatami and a half time machine blues’ released in theatres for three weeks from 9/30

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It was announced that the sequel to the anime “The Tatami Galaxy” “The Tatami Galaxy”, will be released in theatres for three weeks from September 30. All-you-can-watch exclusive distribution on Disney Plus has been decided, and all six episodes, including limited distribution episodes, will be distributed sequentially.

Currently, “I” and Ozu announce the movie within the frame of “The Tatami Galaxy”, which is being rebroadcast on Fuji TV “Noitamina” and others. The new mini corner “I “and Ozu’s movie trailer” will be broadcast. The first edition of “4 tatami mats and a half time machine blues” will be on April 28, the second edition will be on May 5, and the first edition of “Inuou” (released on May 28) will be on May 12th, 2nd. The bullet will be broadcast on May 19. In the “Four and a half time machine blues” edition, the introductory video is released for the first time. It is a must-see for fans.

It has been 12 years since the first broadcast of the TV anime “Four Tatami Half Mythology”. In this sequel, he meets a strange male student, Tamura, who has been riding a time machine from the future 25 years later and depicts the wasteful use of a time machine that is “yesterday” and “today”.

On August 12, the only air conditioner in “Shimogammo Yusuiso” in Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, which was scorching, stopped working. A bad friend, Ozu, submerged the remote control last night. When “I” discussed measures with Mr Akashi, an extraordinary beauty from the movie circle “Misogi,” Tamura, a strange male student with a moody appearance, appeared. He is said to have been riding a time machine from the future 25 years later.

At that time, a genius inspiration came to “I”. Why don’t we return to yesterday with this time machine and bring the remote control before it breaks! However, Ozu et al. Arbitrarily modify yesterday and rewrite the past. “I”, who foresaw the danger of the world disappearing, hurriedly stopped, but it was too late! Can the remote control be safely regained in everyday life !? And whereabouts of the love between “I” and Mr Akashi?

The original novel of “4 tatami mats and a half time machine blues” has been decided to be a paperback and will be released on June 10. In the shadow of the book, using the illustration by Yusuke Nakamura, the profile of Mr Akashi, an extraordinary beauty, and the essential items and characters of this work are delicately drawn around it. It also includes a commentary written by Makoto Ueda of the original draft.

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