Three animations started in April 2002, just the 20th anniversary of this term!

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“Chi, I remembered”

Many “spring animations” started broadcasting in April 2022, and various works have become a hot topic. Twenty years ago, in April 2002, it wasn’t as many as today, but it was entertaining to many fans. From the spring animation of 2002, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this term, we will introduce three highly evaluated works.


The original serialized in “Weekly Young Magazine” by the female manga artist group “CLAMP”, which has many masterpieces such as “Cardcaptor Sakura” and “XXXHOLiC”, has been made into a TV animation with a total of 26 + 1 episodes.

Set in a world where “personal computers” have become widespread as humanoid information terminals. The story begins when Hideki Motosuwa, the main character of Ronin, finds a girl-type computer that has been thrown away in a garbage dump and takes it home unintentionally. Hideki and the personal computer named “Chi” gradually deepen their relationship while living a communal life because they do not know common sense and only say “Chi” no matter what they ask, but “Chi”, The big secret hidden in the two will have a significant influence on their future.

In this work, there are many developments in which humans are worried about the relationship with the personal computer. If the personal computer is a humanoid, it will happen, such as marriage and grief of a person and a personal computer, breakup of the marital relationship due to the existence of the personal computer, etc. There will be many situations that will be irresistible. There are marriage cases to Vocaloid in modern times, but the foresight of CLAMP, who expected a similar case more than 20 years ago, is fantastic. In addition, since the TV animation was produced before and after the completion of the original, the ending is slightly different from the original. If you are only looking at one of them, why not look at the last one?

“Tokyo Mew Mew”

A TV animation of the original work of the same name was serialized in the September 2000 issue of “Nakayoshi”. All 52 episodes.

The main character, Ichigo Momomiya, is a junior high school student who likes her classmate Aoyama. One day, she was a strawberry on her long-cherished date with Aoyama. Still, immediately after the sudden earthquake, she was enveloped in her mysterious light and felt like a cat getting into her body. Will be attacked by. After that, strawberries suddenly become lighter, always sleepy, and when you see a fish, they get caught in the mouth, making you look like a cat.

It is targeted by a mysterious alien whose weapon is the biological weapon “chimera anima”, which parasitizes the earth’s animals. The human side also drives the gene of the red data animal, an endangered animal, to kill the “chimera anima”. The “μ project” was in progress. However, the earthquake caused genes to be injected into several girls, including strawberries. Strawberries who gained the ability to transform into the biological weapon “Miu Miu” with cat ears and tails were forced to fight against aliens.

This work will be broadcast on the TV anime “Tokyo Mew Mew Nyu” as a reboot project in 2022. However, Mia Ikumi, who was in charge of drawing the original, died of a subarachnoid haemorrhage on March 7, 2022, and she could not see the new animation with her own eyes. She sincerely prays for her soul.

“Why does Chiyo fly?”
“Azumanga Daioh THE ANIMATION”

An anime work based on the four-frame manga serialized by Kiyohiko Azuma in “Monthly Comic Dengeki Daioh”. All 26 episodes.

It is a comedy work set in a specific high school, and the individual high school girls who appear in the creation are all attractive and very popular. Chiyo Mihama is a genius girl who has been transferred from elementary school as a skipper. She is a transfer student from Osaka, and Ayumu Kasuga, who is always afraid, is “Osaka”. Tomo Takino is a mischievous runaway high school girl. Koyomi Mizuhara is a glamorous honour student who plays the role of Tsukkomi in glasses. Sakaki, who loves animals with tall long hair, and Kagura, all-around sports, are half a step away from everyday life, and there are many strange and sometimes surrealistic world views. I was captivated by the viewers.

In addition, Norio Wakamoto is in charge of the voice of Mr Sakaki and the mysterious creature that appears in the dreams of Osaka, commonly known as “Chiyo-Father”, and its absurdity and nature match, giving it a strange presence. I was letting go. It is trendy and made into character goods, but now it is used for the author’s self-portrait.

Animating a four-frame manga requires a high level of production ability to fill the space between the lines of the work with sound and video, which makes it extremely difficult. Still, this work is well organized, including the original production. The opening theme “Sky Blue Cake” and the ending theme “Raspberry heaven” are both masterpieces. The sound produced by the Kuricorder Pops Orchestra is a very high-quality song that can be heard in various programs even today—known as.

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