Anime ‘BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War’ Episode 3 ‘MARCH OF THE STARCROSS’ Trailer, Synopsis & Scene Cuts Released!

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The synopsis and scene cuts of the 3rd episode, “MARCH OF THE STARCROSS,” of the TV anime “BLEACH Thousand-Year Blood War” have been released.

Ichigo and his friends arrive in the Imaginary Sphere under the guidance of Kisuke Urahara, confront the enemy commander Kilge Opie, and learn that he is a destroyer.

At the same time, in the Soul Society, the captains of the 13 Court Guard Squad received the investigation report of the 12th Squad and reached the same answer.

At the time of the previous raid, it was announced that the war would start in 5 days.

Commander General Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni orders all commanders to prepare for the enemy’s return.

On the other hand, Yuhabach, who leads the “invisible empire”, smiles fearlessly in the darknessā€¦

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