‘To Your Eternity Season 1’ Episodes 1 to 5 will be released for free on YouTube, and distribution will start today.

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Episodes 1 to 5 of the TV anime “To Your Eternity Season 1” will be distributed! From October 21st to November 24th, it will be released for a limited time on the YouTube channel “Full Anime TV”, operated by Kodansha.

“To Your Eternity Season 2” will start broadcasting on NHK E-tele every Sunday from 7:00 pm until October 23rd. To commemorate this, the YouTube channel Full Anime TV operated by Kodansha will distribute episodes 1 to 5 of the TV anime “To Your Eternity Season 1” for a limited time.

From today, October 21st, to November 24th, one episode will be delivered every Friday, and each episode will be provided for one week only, so please enjoy it together with “Season 2”!

“To Your Eternity” is a sci-fi fantasy masterpiece drawn by Yoshitoki Oima of “A Silent Voice”. The main character, Fushi, is a being with the ability to transform into objects that receive stimulation and the ability to regenerate after death.

A growth story in which Fushi, an immortal being, transforms into the things and people he meets in a magnificent worldview and learns how to live by knowing various emotions. Encounters, partings, joys, sorrows, and pains—the sight of Fushi building himself while travelling through this exciting world is sure to warm your heart! Do not miss it!

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