Collaboration between the thief and phantom thief ‘Lupin III vs. Cat’s Eye’ Amazon Original animated movie released worldwide in 2023

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In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the animation of “Lupin the Third” and the 40th anniversary of the original work of ” Cat’s Eye, “it has been decided to produce an animation ” Lupin the Third VS Cat’s Eye,” in which the two works will collaborate.

It will be distributed exclusively worldwide on Amazon Prime Video in 2023 and will be the first Amazon Original work as a Japanese animation film. In addition, a promotional video ( and a teaser visual have been released.

In the same work, a crossover between the late Monkey Punch’s original “Lupin the Third” and Tsukasa Hojo’s actual ” Cat’s Eye ” is realized. Set in the 1980s when ” Cat’s Eye ” was serialized, the grandchildren of Arsene Lupine, Lupine the Third, and other gang members, and the phantom thief group, Cat’s Eye, who have the face of a coffee shop signboard girl. , A dream thief confrontation over the “three pictures” left by Cat’s Eye’s father.

The cast follows the anime version of each work, with Kanichi Kurita as Lupine III from “Lupin III” and Keiko Toda as Hitomi Kisugi from ” Cat’s Eye.”

Under the double supervision of Kobun Shizuno and Hiroyuki Seshita, who teamed up on the theatrical animation “GODZILLA,” Tom’s Entertainment, who worked on the animation version of both works, is in charge of animation production and an exhilarating climb action with cel-look CG is drawn. be

“Lupin the Third” and ” Cat’s Eye, “the first PV using the theme songs of both works, include scenes of familiar characters from each piece. You can also hear the character voice that Lupine III and Hitomi meet. The teaser visual also shows two people standing back to back.

Below are comments from the cast and staff.

[ Kanichi Kurita (role of Lupine the 3rd)]
“Lupin the 3rd” is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and ” Cat’s Eye ” is its 40th anniversary.

A confrontation in a memorable year? I didn’t think I could do it.

Lupine, Jigen, Goemon and Zenigata Tottsuan. And Fujiko-chan and her three sisters!

I’m looking forward to it!

[ Mr. Keiko Toda (voice of Hitomi Kisugi)]
I was overwhelmed with the feeling, “Listen to me, huh?
I don’t want to think about it for the first time in decades (laughs)! I hope you enjoy the festival.

[ Tsukasa Hojo (” Cat’s Eye ” original author)]
“Lupin the Third” is a work by a great senior. I have been reading since I was a junior high school student. I wonder how Monkey Punch- sensei reacted when he heard about this collaboration…? I can’t help but think. During my lifetime, I had the opportunity to meet him at a bar several times, but we never talked about manga together. Then, one day, someone told me that there was something I wanted to ask him, but he passed away before I could ask for it.

I don’t think that was the story of this collaboration, but I’m happy to be able to join you this time through a strange fate. I sincerely hope that Monkey Punch- sensei will also be pleased.

[ Mr. Shuhei Kato (Representative of MP Works / second son of Monkey Punch )]

Monkey Punch loved the world of ” Cat’s Eye. “
He once happily talked about how a showdown between ” Cat’s Eye ” and “Lupin the Third” would surely make for exciting work.

The collaboration between Hojo-sensei’s ” Cat’s Eye ” and “Lupin the Third,” with whom I had a close exchange, is a dream project for Monkey Punch, who has been eagerly awaiting it.

Even as the original author, the anime “Lupin the 3rd” was a person who enjoyed himself as one of his fans.

As a fan, I’m sure I’m also looking forward to the completion of this project as well.

Keiichi Ishiyama (Producer)
” Lupin the Third VS Cat’s Eye ” is a dream collaboration that succeeds “Lupin the Third VS Detective Conan. ” It’s a thief vs. phantom thief, so it’s a work with a good tempo full of splendid and stylish action elements. Hojo-sensei had a lot of respect for Monkey-sensei, and there was an order saying, “I want to make it look like the cats exist in Lupine’s worldview. So I drew an illustration and renewed both characters. In addition, Lupine’s jacket is pink because ” Cat’s Eye ” is set in the ’80s, and this work also features the setting of that period, so it was decided that “Lupin in the 80s is pink”.

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