‘The Prince of Tennis’ 20th Anniversary Event KV Lifted! Luxury additional guest information

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The key visual of the 20th-anniversary event “Tenipuri 20th Anniversary Event -Future-” of the anime “Prince of Tennis” to be held on October 10, 2021, has been unveiled. In addition, additional information such as extra luxury guests and delivery tickets has arrived. The anime “The Prince of Tennis” began broadcasting on the TV Tokyo network on October 10, 2001. Since 2012, “The Prince of Tennis” serialized in “Jump SQ.” (Shueisha) has been made into TV animation. Events have been held. The movie version has been released. It has been popular with many fans for a long time. It has been supported. And on October 10, 2021 (Sun), the animation “Prince of Tennis” will celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The 20th anniversary year of the anime “The Prince of Tennis” will start on October 10, 2021, just 20 years after the broadcast. And on that very day, the event “Tenipuri 20th Anniversary Event -Future-” to commemorate the 20th anniversary will be held at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL! The critical visuals for this event, which attracts attention, have been unveiled! Regular members of the youth school middle school and the directors of each school smile and peace. It is a visual that celebrates the 20th anniversary of the anime “The Prince of Tennis.”

Furthermore, in addition to the regular team to play a youth Gakuen’naka like a part that has already appeared is determined in the event, Director-of Rikkai large Junior High School Yukimura Seiichi of Auditors Sachiko Nagai and Mr. Higa junior high school director, Eishiro KiteGuest appearances of Tarusuke Shingaki, who plays the role, and KIMERU, the artist who was in charge of the ending theme for the first season, have been decided! We will deliver it with luxurious members suitable for the event commemorating the 20th anniversary. And the information about the delivery ticket is also lifted.

On the day of the event, it was decided to broadcast live on U-NEXT so that those who cannot come to the venue can enjoy it. (A missed delivery for about a week is also planned.) Delivery tickets will be on sale from 16:00 on Saturday, August 14. In addition, the official EC site for this event is also open! The first pre-order sale of event-related goods will start at 16:00 on Saturday, August 14. Purchased items will be delivered to your home by the day of the event. There is also a privilege to present one postcard using critical visuals for each order for those who purchase on this site! Would you please check the official EC site and get the goods and benefits?

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