Anime ‘ONE PIECE’ Raging shaku earning! Kaido is in a punching bag for two and a half minutes.

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The anime ” ONE PIECE ” ( Fuji TV series) earns a shaku with that skill so that the story cannot catch up with the original. In episode 1018, which aired on May 22, an attempt was made to prolong life in a ” Dragon Ball ” -like way. Let’s examine how much it differs from the corresponding episode of the original.

Touching the contents of the latest episode of the anime, “ONE PIECE.”

What was broadcast this time was an animated episode of episode 1003, “Night on the Board,” recorded in the original 99 volumes. About 16 pages of content are used.

First of all, both the original and the animation begin with the scene where Luffy shoots “Rubber-Rubber Monkey King Gun Smash (Kong Gatling)” on Kaido in the “Dragon” form. Kaido, exposed to the rush of rage, collapsed on the spot irresistibly.

Kid and Rho, who saw it as an opportunity, tried to launch an offensive, but Kaido immediately revived and started a counterattack. The battle situation is getting hotter and hotter.

Anime “ONE PIECE” episode 1018 “Laughing Kaido! Four Emperors VS New Generation!” It will be broadcast from 9:30 am on Sunday, May 22

Luffy’s “Rubber Gatling Gun,” Kaido can’t move !? Don’t miss the battle in the anime!

The most significant difference between the original and the anime was the rush scene at the beginning. It was only about three pages in the original, but Kaido is put in a punching bag for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the animation. Meanwhile, Luffy’s screams and punch SE continue to flow, and in the meantime, Zoro, Rho, Kid, Killer, and Big Mom’s breathtaking facial expressions are projected one after another.

The original fans complained unintentionally because it was such a blatant earning. On SNS, “If you have a chance, stop earning time! The tempo is still bad. Opinions such as “Too much scale for the same scene” and “Anime One Piece, don’t make much money because you catch up with the original” have been raised.

The stigma of the second generation “Dragon Ball Z”?
The technique of earning time by reacting to the surrounding characters was often used in the same jump animation, “Dragon Ball Z.” Therefore, some fans ironically say, “Aniwan’s battle scene, the tempo is too bad, and there is a dragon ball of yesteryear.”

Also, in episode 1018, not only the scene of “Gum-Gum Monkey King Gun Rush” but also other shaku-earnings were done. It’s an Aniori scene, but when the giant Kaido collapses, there is a depiction that the sound of the ground echoes in “Onigashima.”

As the whole island vibrated, the members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Yamato, Momosuke, and Kaido’s subordinates all looked suspicious. The situation was carefully projected, spending about two minutes.

Both “ONE PIECE” and “Dragon Ball” are the earners who support “Weekly Shonen Jump.” It may be natural to use advanced techniques to broadcast the animation for as long as possible.

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