All 20 types of clear cards to distribute admission benefits to adults of the movie ‘Pretty Cure’! A new scene cut released

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As the 20th anniversary project of the anime “Pretty Cure,” a new scene cut of the latest movie version “Pretty Cure All Stars F” (released on September 15), which gathers all the TV series Pretty Cures for the first time in 5 years, has been removed. Work is a mysterious world where all Pretty Cures have been blown apart. A story in which each one is in a different place, unites with newly met friends and unfolds an exciting and exciting adventure aiming for the only clue, the castle.

The released scene cut is Cure Sky (“Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure”), battling an enemy. Cure Lovely (“Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!”), Cure Heart (“Dokidoki! Pretty Cure”), Cure Happy (“Smile Pretty Cure!”), Cure Melody (“Suite Pretty Cure♪”), Cure Blossom (“Heart Catch Pretty Cure!”), Cure Peach (“Fresh Pretty Cure!”), Cure Dream (“Yes! Pretty Cure 5GoGo!”), Cure Bloom (“Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star”), and the first Pretty Cure series. Cure Black from Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart!

Their appearance lined up with their backs turned at the end of the trailer was impressive, but the way they rushed with their sparkling expressions drawn in the scene cut that was lifted this time tells the story of their success in this work. there is

In addition, the depiction of successive Pretty Cure jumping out from the side is a customary scene drawn at the end of “Pretty Cure All Stars Movie,” which is sure to warm the hearts of fans. What kind of activities will successive Pretty Cure show? It is content that raises expectations for the development of the story.

In addition, from September 15, the distribution of the “Film Collection Clear Card,” a present for visitors who can receive both adults and children, has been decided, limited to 600,000 pieces nationwide.

Visitor presents for children under junior high school students that have already been announced <<Resurrection! In addition to Miracle Light, we have prepared additional presents for visitors, including fans and adults who have supported the “Pretty Cure” series.

The design uses previous movie visuals, and there are 20 types. Which design you get is random, and dwarfs under junior high school students are “revival! You can get two together with Miracle Light.

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