The Teaser: TV anime ‘Blooming Arsnotria Sun!’ Broadcast starts from July 6th!

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It has been decided to make a TV animation of the RPG “Warau Arsnotria,” which is in charge of the original work by Nitroplus and the distribution by Good Smile Company. On May 25 (Wednesday), the animation was announced on the official YouTube channel of the work, “Collaboration title ban commemoration!” Blooming Arsnotria “Magic Academy Broadcasting Department-Surprise announcement is also delivered special-.” Broadcasting started on TOKYO MX from 23:00 on Wednesday, July 6, 2022, and BS Nippon Television from 24:00, and the teaser visual and PV were also premiered in the program.

As with the app, Misaki Kuno will play the role of Arsnotria, Miharu Hanai will play the role of Mel, and Miyu Tomita will play the role of Petit Albert, Eri Yukimura will play the role of Picatrix, and Eriko Matsui will play the role of Abramelin. An original anime character will also appear in the teaser visual, and details will be announced in June.

In addition, the comicalize and novelization of this work have been decided. The Comical will be serialized in “Monthly Dragon Age” from June 9 (Thursday) by “Hattori Masaki” and will pick up the central part of the animation so that you can enjoy the story ahead of the broadcast.
Novelize is published by “Famitsu Bunko.” It will be a spin-off story centered on the original anime characters that are still mysterious.

The official anime website, Twitter, has also been set up, and we plan to send out information as needed in the future.

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