Anime ‘Stupid Angel Dances with the Devil’ 2024 Broadcast PV Appearance Yuma Uchida & Ayane Sakura

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It has been decided that the TV anime “Foolly Angels Dance with Devils” will be broadcast in 2024. At the same time, teaser visuals, teaser PVs, introductions, main staff, and cast information were also released.

Yuma Uchida will play the role of Masatora Akutsu, the main character of the released “Foolly Angel Dances with the Devil” PV, and Ayane Sakura will play the role of Lily Amane.

Introduction The demon “Masatora Akutsu” came to the human world to scout for charismatic humans who could inspire the demon world.

To resist the attack from the heavenly world. He hides his identity and transfers to a school where he meets a pretty girl, Amane Lily. Akutsu immediately solicits Lily, but Lily’s true identity is the devil’s natural enemy, “Angel”…!? Akutsu tries to make Lily fall from heaven to protect the demon world, and Lily tries to rehabilitate Akutsu for a particular purpose.

I will make him fall from heaven/rehabilitate him…! The “Otoshiai” battle between angels and demons begins!! Staff Original: Yoshi Azuma (serialized in “Dengeki Maoh”/Published by KADOKAWA) Director/Composition: Itsuro Kawasaki Character Design: Yuko Yahiro Music: Takuro Iga Music Production: ANLA Animation Production: Children’s Playground Entertainment Production Cooperation: GAINA Cast

Masatora Akutsu: Yuma Uchida
Lily Lily: Ayane

Sakura Comment from Yuma Uchida I’m Yuma
Uchida and I’ll be voicing Masatora Akutsu. A battle between demons and angels. Flirting named. And the response of blur. Was the recording an athletics event? It was so much fun that the dubbing progressed every time with such enthusiasm. “Kanaten,” full of battle and love, is full of highlights! Please take a look!

Comment from Ayane Sakura
What I needed to play the role of Lily Amane was the ability to squeeze the lines into the scale, the play with ups and downs, the courage to flirt in front of the other cast members, and a strong throat. Just hearing this, I thought it would be a harsh scene, but it was a fun post-recording scene. We hope that we are not only having fun, but everyone who sees it will be happy. May these 30 minutes be a lovable and silly moment for all!

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