Anime ‘Harlem in a Different World Labyrinth’ starts broadcasting in July Taku Yashiro and Shiori Mikami with cast announcement.

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It has been decided that the anime “Harlem in a Different World Labyrinth” will be broadcast from July. Cast information was also released at the same time. Taku Yashiro will play the role of Michio Kaga, and Shiori Mikami will play the role of Roxanne.

One day, Michio Kaga, desperate for the world, found a strange net game. It was a different world from reality, waiting for Michio, who finished setting and character makeup while being invited by the words written in the game that you should live in a different world if this world is challenging to live.

Michio’s adventure begins with his power to freely reset his status in a different world like a game with various skills, jobs, and magic.

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