China’s blockbuster anime movie ‘Male Lion Boy’ to be released nationwide in 2023

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The feature-length animation “lion boy (original title) “depicting boys who dream of becoming performers of the traditional Chinese performing art of lion dance, will be released nationwide in 2023, and the production of a Japanese dubbed version has also been decided. . At the same time, an awesome teaser video was also shown.

This work is a Chinese 3DCG animation film directed by Song Hai Peng. Based on the motif of the traditional performing art of lion dance, which is said to have originated in mainland China in the late Han dynasty around the 1st century and is now designated as a national intangible cultural heritage of China, it depicts boys trying to perform a lion dance performance.

Released in China in December 2021, the box office revenue was 249 million yuan (about 5 billion yen), and it was a massive hit with 6.38 million people mobilized. On a movie review site in China, it scored 8.3 points, surpassing the 8.0 score of the anime movie “Roshao Heisenki: The Future I Choose, “which is also a big hit in Japan. Pushing out blockbusters such as Hollywood movies, it won the unprecedented “No. 1 satisfaction ranking for movies released in 2021” in Chinese animation.

In Japan, a Japanese subtitled version will be screened in 2022 as “Male Lion Boy, Boy and the Lion Dancing in the Sky” at the “Movie Festival,” which delivers Chinese movies. The high quality of the animation and the story of a boy living in the countryside who meets a lion dance and grows from a poor stray cat to a lion (lion) received a great response. A film distribution company that heard about the movie’s reputation appreciates this work. The Japanese dubbed version was decided to be released nationwide because it was so moved.

At the “Movie Festival” 2022 held at Grand Cinema Sunshine Ikebukuro on December 28th, a subtitled version was screened in front of many fans. An awesome teaser video unveiled the nationwide release, and the production decision of the Japanese dubbed version was released. Release. In the video, you can see the lion dance performance drawn with realistic animation that makes you feel as if the real thing has appeared in front of you, and the appearance of the boys struggling to get their “dream.”

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