‘Anime Supremacy!’ The birth of a ‘masterpiece of work movies’ that everyone can sympathize with, not just anime fans!

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There are many exciting contents from an economic point of view, such as moss and big hits in movies. So he writes “A Column for Thinking about the Economic Meaning of Movies.” That is the core of this diary. Also, if you watch a movie every day that impresses you from the creator’s point of view, you can find about one movie every two weeks. If there is a work that I want to recommend, I will introduce it at any time. If there is no update, is it busy with work in another field, or …? (Laughs) (Sentence / Masahiro Hosono)

When you hear the title ” Haken Anime! “, You may get various impressions such as “Dispatched Anime?”, But in reality, it is “Hegemony Anime.” It means “the title of the most successful anime.”

It is a “live-action movie” whose story is composed of two directors who struggle to make a work that becomes “hegemony animation” in the animation industry.

One is Chiharu Prince ( Tomoya Nakamura ), known as the “genius director.”

He is a demanding and discerning director and will be working on his return work for the first time in eight years.

The other is Hitomi Saito ( Riho Yoshioka ), who was fascinated by Chiharu Oji’s work “Yosuga of Light” and changed jobs in the animation industry.

Her first director’s work collides with Prince Chiharu’s return work for the first time in eight years on a famous TV frame on Saturday evening, and a hot game with the prestige of the creator is unfolded.

Movies are overwhelming. The animation industry used to have the image of a “narrow world.” However, the Japanese movie industry is now animated, with the ” Theatrical version of” Demon Slayer “Infinite Train Edition ” at the top, and “9 of the 15 best movies are animated movies” in Japan’s successive movie box office revenue rankings.

Moreover, of the nine films, only ” Frozen ” is a Western movie, and “8 films are domestic animated films”, so it is no longer possible to talk about Japanese films without animated films.

You can know “how the work is made” on the stage of the animation production site that suits such times.

In the first place, the animation production site has various human patterns such as director, producer, production progress, advertisement, screenwriter, drawing team, background team, CG team, voice actor, etc., which has the same structure as most industries.

In other words, it is a “work movie” with a solid human pattern that can be entered by people who are not interested in animation and those who are interested in energy!

This work is well done, and I think it’s purely “interesting.”

However, the more you are inside the industry, the more you can feel the sin, and for better or for worse, you can feel emotional and painful.

I have never worked in the animation industry, but I was doing a show with animation voice actors on Nippon Cultural Broadcasting when I was a student.

Among them, there was also a section called “Radio Drama.” I wasn’t careful with the director because I was in the program as a teacher in the role of myself, but if this is a full-scale work like this one, Hitomi Saito There is no doubt that the director ( Riho Yoshioka ) was so bad that he was dented (laughs).

I understand that because I experience it as a creator when making a book.

When making a book, there are various relationships such as authors, editors, designers, bindings, advertisements, sales, etc. The more you wait, the more difficult it becomes to recognize and adjust the difference in feelings.

That’s the hell of a math book, an economic book, a stock investment book, a social security book, a thinking book, a household account book, etc. I can understand the feelings of Prince Chiharu painfully.

People who have little to do with the inside may enjoy it as pure “entertainment work.”

The megaphone for this film was directed by Kohei Yoshino, who made his feature film debut in ” Gone Wednesday,” released in 2020.

This ” Wednesday has disappeared ” was released on June 19, 2020, which was the very beginning of the influence of the new Corona. So many people may not know it, but Tomoya Nakamura said, “7 people”. It is an ambitious work that plays seven people, “I,” and has made a smash hit with box office revenue of 227 million yen.

However, in the second feature film this time, I was worried about “Is the director of such a big movie working?”, But the result was beyond my imagination!

In particular, there are many animation elements, so I was worried if I had a background in animation. Still, I also had experience in charge of recollection part CG and space design in ” Kimi no Naha. ” bottom.

And since this work requires the actual production of two animations, this became the most significant bottleneck, and it took seven years from the planning stage in 2015 to complete it.

Specifically, it was challenging to control famous staff and studios at “animation production sites where schedules are held down every few years.”

Meanwhile, I requested Toei Animation, Production IG, etc., and Takashi Otsuka, the director of the movie version ” ONE PIECE STAMPEDE, “work on “Fate Front Liddell Light” directed by Chiharu Oji. It has become.

In terms of acting, the tag “Director Kohei Yoshino x Tomoya Nakamura” was a good match, and Tomoya Nakamura’s acting was very stable.

Among them, the surprising one was Tasuku Emoto, who played the producer role, and I think it is probably “the most attractive of all the works that have appeared so far” and has a strong presence.

And, regarding Riho Yoshioka, in this work, unlike in the past, it is ” Riho Yoshioka as a worker” with the aura erased.

I’m curious that the works starring Riho Yoshioka don’t bounce in the box office revenue, and there aren’t any works that have reached the box office revenue of 1 billion yen.

Riho Yoshioka has a background in animated films, and the voice actor in the 2019 masterpiece ” Her Blue Sky ” was pretty good.

As an actor, the performance in this work is well worth the evaluation.

It is essential to have box office revenue, but since the work is good, I think that if you get hooked on it, you can aim for a box office revenue of 1 billion yen.

However, unfortunately, the popularity of this work is still being pushed by other professions and has not been able to make a presentation.

Therefore, it may be realistic to aim for box office revenue of 500 million yen first.

The reality is that “good works do not hit, and some works do hit even if they are not good,” and that is precisely the case.

However, it may be just an ideal theory, but I would like you to be rewarded for a well-made work like this one.

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