Saki Miyamoto cosplays to commemorate the animation of ‘Shanfuro’! Extra distribution event held in Shibuya until the 10th

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It has been decided that the WEB novel “Shangri-La Frontier” (abbreviation, Shangri-La Frontier) will be made into TV animation. TV animation will start broadcasting in 2023, and cast information, teaser PV, and project PV will be released using 4 minutes of animation video. To commemorate the animation, a different distribution event was held on the 7th, which included the first episode of the manga and the comments of the six prominent cast members.

Sanraku, Saiga-0, and Saki Miyamoto, a famous cosplayer who cosplayed as Arthur Pencilgon, will appear at the event. Many fans of the original work visited the venue and were filled with voices that were pleased with the TV animation, and even people who did not know the work stopped and enjoyed taking pictures with the characters.

Distribution events outside the TV animation commemorative issue are scheduled in Tokyo from the 8th to the 10th.

The story is about a strange hobby gamer, Yotsugu Rakuro, who loves the world’s “kusoge” and challenges the god game “Shangri-La Frontier,” which boasts 30 million players. The manga is currently being serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” and has become a famous work with a cumulative total of over 2.5 million comics.

The main character & cast is Yuma Uchida, armed with several legendary equipment, playing the role of Sanraku / Azumi Waki, a kusoge hunter passionate about clearing kusoge and has excellent game skills and indomitable spirit. Azumi Waki ​​is in charge of the role of Saiga 0 / Rei Saiga, a pretty high school girl who has a crush on Sanraku, a brilliant player.

Yoko Hikasa is Arthur Pencilgon / Amane Eien, the number 2 of the radical PK clan “Ashurakai,” whose main activity is player killing and is good at wisdom and information warfare. Makoto Koichi, a game companion that Sanraku met in Kusoge, and Japan’s top-class professional fighting gamer Akio Otsumi, is a guide to the unique scenario “Invitation from Rabbit Country” that Sanraku encountered. Akio Otsuka plays Emul, an NPC who is also a character, Rina Hidaka, the father of Emul and the head of a race called the deadly rabbit Vorpal Bunny, who imposes various trials on Sanraku.

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