‘Thank you very much for the box office of ‘Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version’ exceeding 10 billion yen.

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It was revealed on the 13th that the box office revenue of the  animated movie ” Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version ” exceeded 10 billion yen. Toei Co., Ltd., the distributor, announced that it had exceeded the box office of 10,015.82 million yen and the audience mobilization of 6.55 million for 127 days from March 8 to July 12.

On the first day of its release, the work achieved a box office of 82,774,200 yen and a rocket start of 538,623 spectators.

The total box office revenue for 59 days until May 5 exceeded 8.28 billion yen, surpassing the 8.25 billion yen of “Shin Godzilla” by general director Hideaki Anno, breaking the record for Anno’s work. Was there. Since then, the growth of the box office has slowed down, but new posters will be introduced from June, and the official 36-page booklet “EVA-EXTRA-EXTRA” and mini-posters with cast autographs will be newly developed as a bonus for visitors.

The last spurt on the production side was victorious and boosted the number of visitors. In addition, the enthusiasm suitable for the completion of the blockbuster that continued from the 1995 TV animation was supported, such as the excitement of fans such as “Making Anno a 10 billion man” on SNS. After releasing the old movie version “Air / Magokoro to Kimi ni” in 1997, the slander on the Internet bulletin boards did not subside. The opposite of the episode was that Anno was mentally cornered occurred.

Japanese animation works that have exceeded the domestic box office of 10 billion yen are “Theatrical Version” Devil’s Blade “Infinite Train Edition” (40.13 billion, 2020), ” Spirited Away “(31.68 billion yen, 2001), “What is your name?” (25.30 billion yen, 2016), “Princess Mononoke” (20.18 billion yen, 1997), “Howl’s Moving Castle” (19.6 billion yen, 2004), “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea” (19.6 billion yen, 2004) This is the ninth work following “Weathering with You” (14.19 billion yen, 2019) and “The Wind Rises” (12.20 billion yen, 2013). “Shin Evangelion Theatrical Version” is scheduled to end on the 21st of this month except for some theaters. After the box office exceeded 10 billion yen, Evangelion official Twitter posted, “Thank you very much.” (Yorozu-News editorial department)

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