Anime will be broadcast from January ‘Rusted Armors -Dawn’ Comicalize Volume 1, Animate with unique benefits

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Kairi Shimotsuki’s” Rust-colored Armor -Dawn- ” Volume 1 was released today on December 27th.

“Erma of rust-colored” is the stage in the media mix that has been deployed to the starting point “reverse 2.5-dimensional project”, in serialized in Monthly Comic Gene (KADOKAWA) ” of the rust-colored armor – dawn – ” is the second installment of Komikaraizu What will be.

It is a story that pierces the beliefs and justice of a man who lived in the Warring States period, Sonichi, the head of the gun group “Saika Ikki,” and Saburo, a mysterious young man who protects Hinomoto.

Animate offers unique benefits to book buyers. In addition, the TV anime ” Rusted Armors -Dawn- ” will start broadcasting in January 2022.

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