‘One Piece’ Frankie, ‘Hiroaka’ Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu Other characters with iron bodies dominate the top three!

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On the same day in 1857, it was the anniversary of iron making with a Western-style blast furnace for the first time in Japan.

There are characters in anime and games that make you think of iron. How to draw, such as having a strong body like steel, wearing weighty armor, a part of the body is made of iron, and the name has iron letters Is also different.

Anime there! Anime! Then, we conducted a reader survey entitled “What is an” iron “character?” Continuing from last year. We received responses from 104 people during the survey period from November 14th to November 21st.

The male-female ratio is about 35% for males and about 65% for females, which is many females. About 50% of the age group was 19 years old or younger, and about 25% were in their 20s.

Characters with iron bodies dominate the top 3!

Alphonse Elric of “Fullmetal Alchemist.” The approval rating was about 20%, which was the top for the second consecutive year.

Alphonse is the younger brother of the main character, Edward. Ed has the two names “steel,” but he is often mistaken for his brother because of the visual appearance of armor.

From the reader, “The hard setting of living in the form of stubborn armor is shocking because all the body was taken at the cost of violating the contraindications of human transmutation, and only the soul was somehow fixed to the armor by Ed. “It was” and “Even if the body becomes cold iron, the heart is warm. Rie Nagimiya’s voice is perfect for Al, who is more mentally calm and kind than his brother.” The reason for its popularity is its unsightly and compassionate personality.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu from “My Hero Academia.” His approval rating was about 18 percent, the same as last year.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu is a hero candidate for Group B in the first year of Yuei High School. “Because it is a unique name like” Hiroaka “that contains four words” Tetsu “and “Because it has a personality and steel that makes the body hard like iron when you hear the word iron I think of him. ” Some readers paid attention to the battle between rivals with similar personalities, “I was impressed by the episode of the arm wrestling confrontation with Kirishima Kenjiro at the Yuei Sports Festival.”

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