“Movie Five Equal Bride” x Pizza Hut quintuplets show illustrations drawn in campaign girl costumes.

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Pizza Hut has collaborated with the publicly released “Movie Five Equal Bride,” and the original MY BOX using the illustrations drawn from June 1st to July 3rd is on sale.

An illustration of a quintuplet wearing a campaign girl costume is drawn and used for the original MY BOX package that can be ordered via Pizza Hut Online or the order app. When ordering, you can also apply for a lottery of authentic goods such as rubber charms with voices recorded by the quintuplets.

“Movie Five Equal Bride” is a theatrical animation based on a popular manga with a cumulative circulation of over 16 million. The whereabouts of the love between Kazetaro and the quintuplet, who received the tutor of the quintuplet, are depicted. It recorded a smash hit with 2nd place in the domestic movie ranking in the first week of its release and 3rd place in the second week.

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