‘ASMR’ animation you can feel in the water ‘Can you make your life happy in 180 seconds?’

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The key visuals and character information of the ASMR- themed original 5-minute animation “Can you make your life happy in 180 seconds?”, Which will start broadcasting in October, has been released. ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response/self) has been gaining momentum in recent years as “a voice/video genre that causes the sensation of being comfortable and the brain tingling, caused by visual and auditory stimuli” Ritsukan climax reaction).

The market is expanding, centered on the younger generation, with the appointment of famous voice actors and the release of ASMR works related to anime and game works one after another. “Can you make your life happy in 180 seconds?” It is a 5-minute animation with the theme of ASMR, which is the first attempt at TV animation. “It conveys the appeal of this new entertainment content in an easy-to-understand manner,” he said, and when viewed with headphones, ASMR can be enjoyed with a more realistic voice. In the released key visual, seven characters addicted to ASMR’s fascination are drawn with various goods that ASMR cannot find. As a child, Mitsu-chan started ASMR for some reason, and friends, sisters, and parents became addicted to ASMR’s fascination. It is a pop visual that conveys the joy of “feeling” stimulation through headphones.

The director is Yoshinobu Katsura, who directed “Demon Lord, Retry!”. The character design is Takayuki Noji, such as “Shave the beard and pick up the child.” “Cinderella Nine in August.” INDIVISION and Ekachi Epilka handle animation production.

Introduction The main character is “you.” Childhood friend Mitsu-chan ( Gecko) who heard the information that you are addicted to ASMRChan) He seems to have bought a dummy head microphone one day and started researching ASMR. In addition, Akimizu-chan wants to be friends with Hikari-chan. Hikari-chan’s older sister and mom. Seven people, such as your sisters, who appear around you will be attracted to ASMR’s fascination. Three minutes = 180 seconds where you can experience a lively sound, from shaving, sighing and voice, touching squeeze, ice, water, typing, etc. 3 minutes = 180 seconds! Synopsis Iemitsu Sawaya (Gecko-chan) finally bought a dummy head microphone and was about to enter the world of ASMR. I knew that my childhood friend “you,” who was all estranged, was addicted to ASMR. “I see … this is … ASMR …” Gecko-chan talks to the dummy head microphone while being a little nervous. Try to get a sneak peek at the intimidating “Damage.” Around that time, Akihi-chan, who wanted to get along with Gecko-chan, started researching ASMR with a dummy head microphone.

The sunlight of the older sister who found Gecko’s dummy head microphone and the reading of mom. Nanako and Kanako, the younger sisters of “you,” want to get their brother back from Gecko. An exciting little day begins for the seven people who met ASMR–

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