At first glance, a girl is a man !? Shimotsuma City’s image character ‘Simon-chan’ is talked about as being too cute.

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Simon, the image character of Shimotsuma City, Ibaraki Prefecture, is in the limelight on SNS.

The trigger was a post by Ryu Miyaoru (@miyaoryuu), a manga artist who introduced the image of Simon-chan printed on the wrapping vinyl of grapes, saying, “This child is so cute.”

Simon-chan is a character born after the Japanese emperor’s habitat, designated as a national butterfly in Shimotsuma City. Her current design is the third generation, but her appearance seems moderately anime-like and cute.

In response to Ryu Miyako’s post, SNS users

“It’s simple, but I’m digging into cute points.”

“I’m a man’s daughter …

(The pattern of this feather of this kind of butterfly is male) “

“That’s why there is no seed ….”

Various comments have been received.

We talked to Ryu Tsuo about the mysterious character Simon, who has a deep-rooted theory of “Otokonoko.”

-Does Ryu Too live in Shimotsuma City?

Ryu Miyako: No, it’s outside the prefecture. When she went to 7-Eleven, she saw that package and thought it was “cute!”

–Please tell us your impressions of Simon-chan’s character design.

Ryu Miyako: I couldn’t remember when I saw it while shopping, but I thought, “I feel like I saw it somewhere.” While receiving the rip from everyone, I remembered that it was talked about on the net about ten years ago.

I think that the motif of Simon is the Japanese emperor. It is a beautiful butterfly with a beautiful blue-purple color, also selected as a national butterfly. What surprised me when I saw this package was Soko. Even though it was monochrome, it was designed so insect lovers would immediately understand that it was a Japanese emperor!

And if you like insects, you probably know that the Japanese emperor has different feather patterns for males and females. The colors are different in terms of easy-to-understand points. Males have a bright feather color, but females look brown at first glance. If you look closely, you can see purple, which is beautiful, but anyway, I was surprised that Simon-chan’s package was designed so that you can tell that it is male-only by the pattern of the spots. I was surprised to find out it was black and white, but it’s an exciting design.

And at first glance, Simon’s torso looks like a girl. I think this is amazing. Even if Simon-chan is a biological boy, as in the feather color, Sole has nothing to do with Simon-chan’s appearance as a girl.

Also, even if I was a girl, I think it can be said that it is a conceptual existence that is a girl while having the characteristics of a male like “Kemono Friends.”

When I saw that package, I thought it was a wonderful character and design because it evokes that much emotion and sensation in everyone. I can see why it has been loved in Shimotsuma City for a long time. I think this is a meaningful existence even in modern society where diversity is essential.

–Please tell us your impressions of the response of SNS so far.

Ryu Miyako: The notification didn’t stop for a while.

I’m also a painter, so I was frustrated that I was buzzing other than my painting, but I realized again that the number of people who share the same feelings as I am visualized is also a good thing about SNS. Did. I hope more insect lovers, including Simon, will take advantage of this.

I hope that this buzz will bring Simon’s charm to more people.

Mr. Ryu Tsuo, who provided this topic, said about his future development as a cartoonist, “Actually, I originally liked insects, and I am currently planning a serialization of insect manga. So, if you can send us your request, “I want to see insect manga!” To Comic Bunch, it will be a boost. “

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