Three screenings selected by fan voting for the ’25th Anniversary Pokemon Film Festival’ have been decided.

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As a result of more than 200,000 fan votes, the three screenings of the theater screening project “Summer Memories, Get! “Latias and Latios, the Goddess of the City” (2002), “Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation Seven Nights Wishing Star Girach” (03), “Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Diamond Pearl Dialga VS Parkia VS Darkrai” (07). The announcement video announced that a limited number of 3-piece sets of visitors’ gifts would be distributed.

The TV anime “Pokemon” started in 1997. The adventures of Satoshi and Pikachu are still going on 25 years later. A theater screening project of a Pokemon movie was held to commemorate their experience. “Pokemon the Movie: The Goddess of the City of Water, Latias and Latios” and the short “Pika Pikachu Starry Sky Camp” were selected by fan voting from August 11th to 18th. “Dancing Pokemon Secret Base” will be screened from August 19th to 25th, and “Theatrical Version Pocket Monsters Diamond Pearl Dialga VS Parkia VS Darkrai” will be screened from August 26th to September 1st. Also, from September 2nd to 8th, the above three works will be screened daily.

Visitor gifts will be distributed as a set of 3 items. The first is a serial code that allows you to receive Pokemon who are active in the movie in the game “Pokemon Sword Shield.” Depending on the film being screened, the serial code will be different from Latias, Girach, Dialga, or Palkia (only one of them per code). Details of Pokemon will be announced in August. The second is Satoshi’s Pikachu (World Cap) serial code from “Pokemon Sword Shield.” The serial code is valid until September 30th. And the third is the unique tag “Pikachu” of the amusement machine “Pokemon Mezasta” (* abbreviation of “Aim! Star Pokemon”).

“Summer Memories, Get It! 25th Anniversary Pokemon Film Festival” will be held nationwide from August 11th to September 8th at 307 halls.

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