At one point, there was also a ‘death theory’ on the Internet. ‘Haruhi Suzumiya’ and ‘Code Geass’ Voice Actor Yuko Goto and ‘Things I Couldn’t Say Until Now

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On August 28th, it was revealed that voice actress Yuko Goto, known for her role as Mikuru Asahina in the blockbuster anime “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya” (2006), will publish a book.

In recent years, 50 new TV animations have been broadcast every three months and around 200 in a year, and the voice actors who play each character are attracting attention. It is also designed to be done. Mr. Goto was one of the people in the idol voice actor boom in the 2000s that determined the movement.

Events where voice actors sing and dance while playing characters have attracted attention, and the synergistic effect with the popularity of anime has led to a huge boom. Her character songs have topped the CD rankings, and she has also performed on the Budokan stage. In an interview published in 2022, she said of her time:

The excitement around The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was terrific at the time. Did you ever feel like, “Ah, it’s selling well”? Goto: You appeared in a pop-up (jumping up from the bottom of the stage) at the Budokan (laughs). It was a sight I never dreamed of. I don’t know why I’m here, but it was great fun.

This talent activity was unprecedented for the agency, so I said, “There are so many events! Are you going to sing overseas too? Who can be the manager?” > In 2012, at the height of her popularity, she was hospitalized and announced her indefinite hiatus. In her shadow was the presence of a severe chronic autoimmune disease.

Even then, did you still hide her chronic illness in the office? She thought, “What I want to do will be taken away,” but she couldn’t say it. (Omitted) But gradually, her feet became so swollen that she could no longer wear her shoes, so she had to wear sandals to work. I asked you to lend me a. Also, her shingles worsened, and she couldn’t wear more clothes.

If this situation continues, the office side will be suspicious. Before long, when I lay down, it felt like I was drowning, and I couldn’t sleep unless I were sitting. Finally, three frustrated managers came to persuade him. “Let’s take a test once.” “I can continue working,” I said I would go myself, but they didn’t believe me (laughs). An examination revealed fluid in her lungs and pericardial fluid that had leaked from her damaged heart and was compressing her organs. Ultimately, she was rushed to the hospital. I quit all her jobs, Mr. Goto, who was carried in this way and began hospitalization for about a year.

At one point, her “death theory” spread on the Internet, and her updated blog gradually became increasingly discontinued. What was happening to her then? Her resolution and actual medical condition are too fierce, leading up to “her second sentence of life expectancy,” which has not been told so far. And the encounter that changed her life with her “first sentence” that befell her teenage years. In her voice acting boom, the environment is undergoing drastic changes one after another, and the response I received after receiving an interview with “Bunharu Online”… What happened to a woman during the 2000s boom in voice acting? “I’m fine when I’m sick, when I’m healthy when I rot, when I’m alive when I cry, when I’m sick. ] will be released on September 12th.

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