Don’t let me say ‘Jim Day’ is just a ‘defeated role’ !? The ‘best gym’ ranking chosen by Gundam lovers

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Did you know that today April 6th, is called “Jim’s Day” because of the puns? By the way, July 8th is called “Gundam Day” (from the model number RX-78), and March 9th is called “Zaku Day” (wordplay).

If you are a Gundam fan, you will want to make flowers bloom in the memories of the aircraft on these anniversaries. Therefore, we conducted a questionnaire survey this time focusing on the mass-produced aircraft “Jim” series that represents the “Gundam” series. We researched “the most favourite gym” for 1636 Gundam fans who are quite core.

Please note that this ranking is limited to the Jim series and the aircraft that used the gym and excludes Nemo, Jegan, Jester, etc., which are advanced types of the gym.

First, RGM-79 “GM” was selected the 3rd place (154 votes). It is the origin of the gym series, the so-called “elementary gym”, and various variations and development machines were born from here.

In the TV anime “Mobile Suit Gundam”, it hides in the shadow of the main character Gundam, and sometimes it enhances the strength of the Zeon army’s mobile suit, and it can also play a role in being killed. Many people are impressed by the scene where Char’s Z’Gok pierces his abdomen in Jaburo.

However, the potential of a simple mass-produced Jim based on Gundam is high, and in the movie version “Mobile Suit Gundam III Meguriai Space Edition”, there is a scene where an unnamed Jim pilot cuts off Rick Dom. It was an irresistible scene for gym lovers.

From those who like such a GM the most, “Simple is BEST” “A famous machine that enables mass production with performance that can be handled by general soldiers of the Federal Army who are unfamiliar with manoeuvring” “Cheap feeling as a mass production machine” Transience and familiarity. Symbols of warriors scattered one after another in the war. “The face should be (convex). It is the most popular MS of the Federation, and I want to ride it and become a mob of the work. ” Comments were received.

“Jim Sniper II” with performance that exceeds Gundam
“Jim Sniper II” (RGM-79SP) was selected the second place (169 votes). It appeared in OVA’s “Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket” and is known for its stylish design in the gym series.

The head visor is equipped with a high-magnification camera, realizing ultra-long-range shooting with a sniper rifle. In “War in the Pocket”, there was a scene where Zeon’s Kempfer’s high-speed maneuver was unfocused.

From the aircraft’s name, it is easy to think that it is a specialized aircraft for sniping, but, looking only at the specs, it is a high-performance aircraft that surpasses the RX-78 Gundam. There is a wide variety of weapons that can be used, and with the bullpup machine gun and beam sabre, you can play an active part in short- and medium-range combat.

By the way, there are various specifications depending on the work that appeared, such as the White Dingo Corps specification of the game “Mobile Suit Gundam Gaiden in the Fallen Land of the Colony …” and the Jim Sniper K9 that appeared as a plastic model of the animation “Gundam Build Fighters” are also popular. Was collecting.

From those who chose Jim Sniper II, “I was playing in the Poke Battle, but I fell in love with the white custom machine of the White Dingo Corps.” Comments such as “It can match the type, and above all, the cool design is the best” “It is the strongest MS of the Federation in the One Year War era, and I like colouring”.

“Jim Custom” with an outstanding balance that was also used in the Immortal Fourth Platoon, And the overwhelming first place (367 votes) was supported by “Jim Custom” (RGM-79N) that appeared in OVA “Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 STARDUST MEMORY” and so on.

Captain South Banning, who leads the “Immortal Fourth Platoon,” and other veteran pilots are on board. The aircraft maintained the highest class performance among the mass-produced aircraft of the Federation at the time of the Dellers conflict.

Kou Uraki described Jim Custom as “a feature that has no features” in work, but if you compare it with the first Gundam prototype he rides, that may be the opinion.

In the actual battle, Banning on this Jim Custom shot down Gelgoog M of the Cima fleet and repelled Cima Garahau. Of course, it’s a trick with Banning’s excellent manoeuvring skills, but it can be said that GM Custom is a well-balanced and perfect aircraft.

For those who like GM Custom the most, “This is a mass-produced high-spec machine.” “A machine that can be correctly called a” mass-produced Gundam “with all the performance at a high level. Above all, the design is excellent and successive generations. There were voices such as “It’s cool in the gym”, “I have a feeling for Captain Banning’s aircraft”, and “I was active in the play as if to dispel the image of Jim = being killed”.

In the ranking after 4th place, the name of the unique gym series is ranked. By the way, as a minority opinion, there were also “NT test gym juggler” that appeared only in the game and “Sam (SM)” that appeared in Tony Takezaki’s manga.

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