‘Attack on Titan’ passenger plane unveiled at Kitakyushu Airport.

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A passenger plane featuring characters from the popular anime “Attack on Titan” began operating on the 4th and was unveiled at Kitakyushu Airport.

The passenger plane, which has characters from the popular anime
“Attack on Titan” will go into service on the 4th and operate around six daily flights in various locations until March next year, including flights between Kitakyushu and Haneda.

The aircraft was unveiled in a hangar at Kitakyushu Airport, and approximately 260 people, selected by lottery, participated in the commemorative event.

At the event, a recorded message from Yuki Kaji, the voice actor of Eren Jaeger, was introduced, saying, ”This is the first collaboration jet in the series. Please enjoy it by taking pictures and burning it into your eyes.”

A life-size panel of characters in Star Flyer uniforms was then unveiled, and participants had fun taking photos with their smartphones.

Yu Nonaka from the Star Flyer General Affairs and Human Resources Department said, “We would like people who couldn’t come today to come and ride.”

The second part of the final season of “Attack on Titan” will be broadcast on NHK General from midnight on the 5th.

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