5 ‘Chill-out’ animations that will make you feel relieved in December

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In “New Words of the Year 2021,” sponsored by Sanseido, which publishes many dictionaries, the word “chill” was selected for the grand prize by suppressing “Maritozzo” and “OO Gacha.” It is derived from “chill-out” in the music field and has meanings such as “looks relaxed” and “calms down and feels good.”

In this news, editorial staff G, who just learned the word “chill,” will introduce 5 “chill” animations that will make you feel relieved in the busy December.

The story of healing and growth spun on the water planet “ARIA” series.

A popular series in which the TV series was produced until the third period based on the manga by Kozue Amano. The final chapter, “ARIA The BENEDIZIONE,” is open to the public from December 3rd.

Set in the water planet Aqua, the main character is a girl called “Undine” who guides tourists by rowing a gondola. Along with the beautiful scenery, the story of the growth of the girls is drawn. Music with a lot of moods is also attractive, and it is a series that you can enjoy a relaxing travel feeling while being healed.

“Yurucamp △” series with a moderate sense of distance for the character

A popular series that is said to be one of the sparks of the camp boom. The meticulous location scouting by the production staff carefully depicts the joy of traveling and camping. The depiction of camping meals is inevitable to make you hungry when you see it at midnight. Nadeshiko’s main characters respect each other’s values. The sense of distance is also attractive, so you can enjoy it with a relaxed feeling from beginning to end without making it squeaky for the play.

With the release of the long-awaited “Movie Yurucamp △” in early summer next year, the first season of TV animation will be rebroadcast on TOKYO MX from January 2010. If you haven’t seen it yet, please take a look.

“Nothing happens” Daily life of female college students and elementary school students “An angel has come down to me!”

It’s one of the most exciting gems, even though nothing dramatic happens so much that it makes me want to say that it is one of the goals of the video studio that specializes in everyday animation. Miyako Hoshino, a shy female college student who enjoys making cosplay clothes, is drawn in a fun way, playing with her sister Hinata, her sister’s friend’s flower, and her half-high-flying love “angelic elementary school student.”

As with all of the works introduced here, it is impossible to show a story that seems to be nothing at first glance in a laid-back mood without the skill of the production staff. I have high expectations for the new work “An angel has come down to me! Precious Friends,” which will be released in theaters in 2022.

Two people’s dystopian fantasy “Girls’ Last Tour.”

The main characters are only two girls, played by Inori Minase and Yurika Kubo. A heartwarming taste of a half-tracked Kettenkrat traveling through the ruined world of human society. There is a slight sense of despair in the dystopian world, and you can enjoy a fresh world of works that mixes everyday things such as bathing.

At the time of broadcasting, I was impressed that the TV series would do such elaborate things as the episode (5 episodes) in which the sound of rain gradually changed to music. It is work that I still occasionally touch and look back on.

The addictive surreal gag and music are attractive. “Kill Me Baby”

The genre is gag anime, but I thought it was perfect for chill-out anime, so I mentioned it last. Based on Kazuho’s manga serialized in “Manga Time Kirara Carat,” it was made into a TV animation in 2012 by JCSTAFF, and even this year, nine years after the broadcast, a pop-up shop for new goods will be set up. Seems to be many.

The violence and surreal life of the main character, the blonde, blue-eyed hitman Sonya, and the ninja hitman Agiri, are depicted at a unique tempo. There is an impact that will not leave. It’s a gag thing so that you may like or dislike it, but it’s an anime like dried squid that becomes a habit anyway when you enter the acupoint.

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