Hit the golden ‘idol group’ directly. Get a high audience rating with the voice of the late-night anime

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Popular voice actor Satoshi Sakurai (49) started from the idol group “Lemon Angel.” The shock of the late-night anime was a hot topic again!

Although there are many masterpieces as a voice actor and singer, such as that “Macross 7”, you announced your retirement in 2016.

Sakurai, I’ve been a voice actor and singer for about 30 years, and I was proud of the strength of the throat. It’s okay to do a 4-hour endurance live, and the DAT burned out earlier than I did. However, I couldn’t make a voice as I expected, so I decided to withdraw.

Is it so-called “service fatigue”? However, he returned to 19 after a three-year leave.

Sakurai, I’ve been doing “Satoshi Sakurai” for a long time, and I’ve never worked part-time somewhere. So I looked at the sticker saying “Urgent recruitment” at the soba shop, and I was drawn to the letters “Washing place for dishes” (laughs). It was only two weeks, but I wanted to work again as “Satoshi Sakurai.”

Many offers indeed came in at the same time. By the way, the starting point is the voice actor of the 5-minute late-night anime “Lemon Angel” (Fuji), and the theme song as a derivative group of the same name.

Sakurai I was shocked to find that the origin of the anime, “Cream Lemon,” was hidden in the club room by a boy when he was in junior high school.

For young people in the 1980s, this is a masterpiece of Musukun Bombshell comics. However, there are some annoying lines.

Sakurai That’s right. I was only 16 years old, so I reminded myself that there was no dangerous voice, but after all, I called it “Ah, yeah” (laughs).

Furthermore, the three people in charge of voice leave many legends as live idols.

Sakurai Yes, I was called a panchira idol. It’s a short skirt or a long shirt that doesn’t even have a dress. That’s why I was doing stages such as the rooftop of a department store and the Sunshine Fountain Square.

It seems that life was trendy.

Sakurai It was like a shutter sound, a flashlight, or a flood. In a sense, it’s like being raised by a camera kid (laughs).

After all, do you concentrate on the moment of panchira?

Sakurai: That was the way it was at that time. Seiko Matsuda and Kyoko Koizumi also sang in frilly skirts. Even so, I wondered why they knew us so much and gathered.

Although it was 5 minutes, the audience rating of the animation was high.

Sakurai Yes, that’s right. Immediately after the animation, it was “pacific saury no Manama” by Sanma Akashiya, but I heard that the audience rating exceeded it.

That’s amazing!

Sakurai I’ve always wanted to be an idol, so I remember doing it for three years. However, it was a pity that there weren’t many award races in the latter half of the 1980s, which was called the “Idol Ice Age” and overlapped with the self-restraint mood of 1988.

However, in parallel with the voice actor, he made big hits in his solo activities.

Sakurai Yes, the anime “Macross 7” album came in 7th on the Oricon chart.

I’m looking forward to the release of the album again with the return.

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