‘Attack on Titan’s official Nyame Kopon Victory is a blessing topic. Character images are also posted ‘As expected’ ‘Attack on Titan Cup.’

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The 62nd Keisei Cup G3 (Nakayama, turf 2000m, good) was held on the 16th, and the 6th most popular Nyame won. The character that appeared in the popular anime “Attack on Titan” also has the same name.

In response to this, the official Twitter of Attack on Titan posted a “celebration” and a character image of Nyame Kopon to congratulate him.

On Twitter, while announcing the anime broadcast, “Congratulations, episode 77 is on air tonight,” congratulates “# Nyame Kopon” and the victory of Nyame Kopon with character images.

Fans responded to this by saying, “Advance Keisei Cup,” “As expected, Nyame,” “Rainy day official, and we Onyankopon did your best,” “Official is riding on Nyame.”

The 77th episode of the TV anime “Attack on Titan The Final Season” will be broadcast on NHK General TV from 0:05 on the 16th.

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