‘Shine Post’ final episode Believe in your friends and go to the stage.

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The synopsis and preceding cut of the 12th episode (final episode) of the TV anime “Shine Post,” which is being broadcast from July 12 to July 12, 2022 (Tuesday), has been released.

“Shine Post” is a media mix idol project by Konami Digital Entertainment & Straight Edge. It is a new media mix project that draws the story of girls who aim to be “absolute idols” in “novels” and expands the experience with “games,” “anime,” “music,” and “LIVE.”

Finally, on the 12th, the final episode will start broadcasting sequentially on Nippon Television and others from 25:29 on Tuesday, October 18, October 18. So don’t miss it until the end!

Click here for the synopsis and the preceding cut!

Episode 12 (Final episode) “TINGS Doesn’t Shine” Everyone tightened up before life at Nakano Sunplaza. However, Anka, who had been told by Ren that “you can’t make a mistake, but that’s all,” can’t get rid of her anxiety.

Haru gives her an ale, saying, “Trust me. With us – your manager.” In response to that, Anka finally took the plunge.

As her friends, rivals, and fans watch over her, TINGS steps onto the stage with the “secret weapon” given to her by Naoki.

And it was also the start towards each goal.

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