Karin Ono, Marika Kouno, and others struggle to make anime! Announcement of a new cast of ‘Haken Anime!’ Starring Riho Yoshioka

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In ” Haken Anime! “, A live-action movie of the famous novel by Naoki Prize-winning author Mizuki Tsujimura, starring Riho Yoshioka, Asuka Kudoh, Karin Ono, Marika Takano, Tomoya Maeno, Kanji Kodate, Yu Tokui, and Seiji Hexagon. It turned out that was appearing.

This work is a movie depicting people struggling to get the title of “Most Successful Anime” “Hegemony” in the anime industry. Yoshioka will play the main character, Hitomi Saito, who will jump into the anime industry from a local government employee and grow as a director, and Tomoya Nakamura, Tasuku Emoto, and Machiko Ono will co-star. Kohei Yoshino, who made his feature film debut with ” Wednesday Disappears, ” picked up a megaphone.

In her directorial debut, Hitomi, who jumped into the anime industry, will be competing for supremacy with her longing star director, Wrestle It Up (Nakamura). The prince, who has produced mega-hit works in the past and is famous as a genius, is said to have teamed up with the famous producer, Kayako Arika (Ono), to return to the director for the first time in eight years. Hitomi, along with chronic producer Osamu Yukishiro (Pattern) and his unique friends, is covered in sweat, tears, and runny nose and is fierce to win the title of “Hegemony Anime,” which is the pinnacle of anime. I will devote myself to a great fight.

In this work, anime directors and producers and film commissions, animators, voice actors, publicity men, constituent writers, and other people who are indispensable for making anime appear. Kudo, whose new appearance has been announced, will play Shuhei Somori, a straightforward city tourism staff member trying to liven up Saitama and Chichibu in an anime project.

Animator who belongs to the drawing studio “Fine Garden” that participates in the animation “Soundback Sonoishi” (abbreviation: Sabaku) and “Fate Front Liddell Light” (abbreviation: Liddell) in the play, and “Good drawing” is gaining popularity. Ono, a young and remarkable stock, plays the role of Kazuna Namisawa. In addition, Takano, a voice actor known for ” Uma Musume Pretty Derby, ” will make her first appearance in a live-action movie as an actor, playing the role of Aoi Gunno, the voice actor who plays the voice of Towako, the main character of “Sabaku.” Boasting idol popularity is a role that collides with the director’s eyes.

Maeno plays Negishi, the production desk of “Towkay Video,” the production company of “Sabaku,” and Kodate plays Koshigaya, the promotion man of “Towkay Video.” Due to their work, the two often together have a dry Yukijo as their eyes, but they have a passion for animation production. In addition, Tokui, who plays the role of Maeyamada, is responsible for the script and series composition of “Sabaku,” and Hexagon, who plays the role of president and animator of “Fine Garden,” set aside.

In addition, Toshihiro Yashiba is the animation director who oversees the drawing and screen creation of “Sabaku,” Kawamura, and Mayumi Shintani is the editor of “Sabaku,” Shirai, Matsu, who connects the data taken for each cut according to the storyboard. Yohei Kaku plays the role of Taguchi, the director in charge of “Rider,” which makes anime expressions look more effective. Of the Planning Group,逢里Tetsuya role of the figure the company produces the Anime royal figure Mizuma Ron, the director-star combination of “Liddell” broadcasting stations Minosuke, the clerk role of animation shop Maehara, Hiroshi the Ragakao I got it.

” Haken Anime! ” Will be released nationwide in May 2022. The comments of the new cast members are as follows.

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