Theater compilation ‘Bocchi the Rock! ‘Ijichi Nijika’s new visual released Sayumi Suzushiro’ Bocchi-chan, it’s far from a dropout (lol).’

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Anime “Bocchi the Rock!” Ijichi Kouka’s teaser visual for the theatrical compilation has been released. What is the title of the theater compilation? The first part is “Theatrical Digest Bocchi Za Rock! Re:” (subtitle reading: RE), and the second part is “Theatre Digest Bocchi Za Rock! Re:Re:” (subtitle reading: RE). The first part will be released in spring 2024, and the second in summer 2024.

A comment by Sayumi Suzushiro, who plays Nijika Ijichi, was also released.

The main character of this work is Hitori Goto, also known as “Bocchi-chan,” a lonely girl who loves the guitar. She spends her days just playing alone at home, but by chance, she joins the “Zueiband” led by Nijika Ijichi. Become. Will Goto, unaccustomed to her performance in front of people, become a great band member? A story depicting their growth.

The original is a four-panel manga that has been serialized in “Manga Time Kirara MAX” (Houbunsha) since 2018, and the TV anime will be broadcast from October to December 2022. The band’s album “Zueiband” in the play reached number one on numerous music charts and became a stage play.

Comments from Sayumi Suzushiro, who plays the role of Kouka Ijichi
Please tell us your thoughts when you hear that the omnibus version will be released in theaters.

This is Sayumi Suzushiro, who plays Kouka Ijichi! I am pleased to have many opportunities to mention my name even after the broadcast. I was so happy when I heard the theatrical compilation was decided, and everyone (the band) was terrific…! I was filled with that feeling. Bocchi-chan, I’m not about to drop out (lol)

It’s been over a year since the show aired, and I’m happy that so many people are still supporting us. Thank you very much!

Please give a message to everyone who is looking forward to the theatrical compilation.

I wonder what will happen… This work will be enjoyable no matter where you cut it, so it would be tough to edit while selecting scenes, but the best thing is that you can watch it on a big screen. I’m so happy… woooooooo BTR!!BTR!!BTR!!BTR!!

I’m looking forward to it myself! Let’s all make “Bocchi Za Rock!” even more exciting! Please check out the theater compilation!

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