Billboard Official Hige Dandism “Cry Baby” Anime Leader Return, Yama “King Ranking” Ending Song Rise

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Official Hige, the opening theme of the TV anime “Tokyo Revengers,” on the Billboard JAPAN anime chart “JAPAN HOT Animation” released on November 3, 2021 (aggregation period: October 25-31, 2021). The man dism’s “Cry Baby” won first place.

“Cry Baby,” which was the top for eight consecutive weeks, went down one rank last week but kept high popularity in the streaming index (1st for 16 consecutive weeks) and returned to the top this week. Video playback 1st, karaoke 1st, download 3rd, radio 6th, Twitter 6th, and even though it is the 26th week of chart-in, it keeps its deep-rooted popularity.

Lisa’s “Akeboshi” (opening of the TV anime “Kimetsu no Yaiba” Infinite Train Edition), which first appeared last week, recorded 1st download, 2nd radio, 3rd streaming, and 4th Twitter. , Charted in 2nd place this week. In the future, points can be expected to increase if videos and karaoke indicators are added. In Lisa, “Flame” (theme song of “Theatrical Version” Devil’s Blade “Infinite Train Edition”) is ranked 5th, and “Go” (“Theatrical Version Sword Art Online -Progressive- Aria of the Starless Night” theme song) is ranked 5th. It is charting in 6th place.

Two songs first appeared in the top 10 this week. Nana Mizuki’s “Get up! Shout!”, The second opening theme of the TV anime “SHAMAN KING” released on October 27, sold 13,448 copies in the first week, ranked first in CD sales, and read the number of CDs. It first appeared in 1st place in the lookup, 3rd place in Twitter, 4th place in the radio, and 6th place in the download. In addition, Yama’s “Oz.”, Which decorates the ending of the TV anime “Ranking of Kings,” jumped up from 20th place to 10th place last week due to rising video playback, streaming, and radio indicators. Yama’s 2nd single containing this song will be released on November 24.

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