‘Crayon Shin-chan’s Nene-chan’s ‘childcare rap’ voice ‘I want to show it to my husband.’

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In the anime “Crayon Shin-chan” (TV Asahi) broadcast on Saturday, January 15, 2022, “Freestyle Shin-chan Cascabe Rapper # 2” was broadcast to commemorate the 30th anniversary. It is said that the “childcare rap” sung by Nene-chan is flooded with sympathetic voices from viewers.

The stage of “Freestyle Shin-chan Kasukabe Rapper # 2” is Kasukabe City. Violence is considered an absolute evil in Cascabe City, and all conflicts must be “rapped.” In the previous broadcast, Kazama-kun, the leader of “The New Wind of Kasukabe City that Will Lead the Future,” defeated the leader of “Cheaters,” who once divided Kasukabe City. Masaokun, who was watching it behind the scenes, tells Nene, the leader of “Boss Rabbits,” and lures Kazama-kun.

Kazama-kun and Shinnosuke, who had been deceived by Masaokun and boarded the base of “Boss Rabbits,” suddenly had a rap battle with Nene-chan. Nene sang a rap of the world view of “real house.” In the beginning, Kazama-kun is overwhelmed by turning the lines of the actual house, such as “Welcome back, you’ll put him in your pajamas” and “I’m happy, he’s a papa? You’re sleeping soundly, baby”.

However, as the rap battle heats up, Nene’s dissatisfaction explodes. “Housewives don’t get paid, they don’t have a career or business trip,” “I can’t sleep at night because I cry at night, and I can’t skip for my family.” Put your mama’s feelings on the rhythm.

For Nene-chan, who showed off her childcare rap in a tongue, Kazama-kun does her best to do an “excuse rap.” I thought that Nene would win, but in the end, I turned over the chabudai and shook “violence,” and Nene defeated the game.

Although she lost the battle, Nene-chan, who spoke for the suffering of her mothers in the world, was praised one after another. On SNS, “Nene-chan, thank you for insisting on the feelings of the housewife on the rap …!” “Nene-chan’s rap is too strong!” “Nene who understood the feelings of the housewife and spoke on behalf of her. It was a little irritating to Chan. I want to show it to my husband! “The child-rearing rap that spoke for Nene-chan’s whole mother, I want to listen to it many times, and it seems to support my heart! “However, the impressions from the mothers such as “It’s too real, and it’s all too great to rap” were flying around.

It seems that Block, an undefeated rap battle man, appeared in the “Freestyle Shin-chan Cascabe Rapper # 3” broadcast on the 22nd. Of the Kasukabe Defense Corps members, Bo-chan is the only one who hasn’t appeared yet, but is Beelock Bo-chan? Introducing the 30th-anniversary rap battle next time!

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