‘Bokuai’ and ‘Kimiai’ complete trailer featuring Miyazawa Hio, Hashimoto Ai, and Makita Saju’s theme song Keina Suda & Saucy Dog

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The theme songs for “To all you who loved me” (abbreviated as “Bokuai”) and “To the one who loved you” (abbreviated as “Kimiai”) are adaptations of Otono Yohoji’s novels, Suda Keina’s “Kumo wo Koiu” (pronounced as “Kumo wo Kou”) and 3-piece rock band Saucy Dog’s “Shion.” Along with the song, the trailer (“Bokuai” https://youtu.be/tQD-PlP9_gY) (“Kimiai” https:// youtu.be/swt-hjVak7o) was unveiled.

The originals were published in June 2016 and have sold over 310,000 copies. The stage is a world where it has been demonstrated that people travel between parallel worlds. Two boys with the same name spin a love story that falls in love with a girl in their respective worlds. The movie version has a novel setting where the ending changes depending on the order in which you watch it. there is

Directed by Jun Matsumoto and produced by Tatsunoko Production’s new studio label “BAKKEN RECORD,” the main character of “Bokuai” is Koyomi Takasaki (CV: Miyazawa), a high school student whose parents are divorced and lives with her mother. One day, his classmate Kazune Takigawa (CV: Hashimoto) calls out to him. She says that she moved from the 85th parallel world and tells them that the two are lovers in that world. The trailer begins with Koyomi’s narration, “At that time, we were still in the same world.” The days of the two who decided to spend their lives together are cut out, and it has a deep meaning “For example, if there are 100 you and 100 me in the world, each of us in each world loves chords.” concludes with the words

On the other hand, the main character of “Kimi Ai,” directed by Kenichi Kasai and produced by “Toms Entertainment,” is Koyomi Hidaka (CV: Miyazawa, two roles per person), an elementary school student whose parents are divorced and lives with her father. One day, he meets a girl named Shiori Sato (CV: Makita) at his father’s office. The two fall in love with each other but discover their parents are remarrying. The two decide to elope to a parallel world where the fate of not becoming siblings has been promised. The trailer begins with Shiori’s line, “I thought that someday I would marry Koyomi-Kun.” You can feel Koyomi’s single-minded desire to help Shiori, who has become the “Ghost of the Crossroads,” using all her means.

In addition, a new voice actor cast has also been announced. Miki Mizuno played the role of Shiori’s mother, Yo Kimiko played Kazune, who became her grandmother, and Tokuma Nishioka played Koyomi, who became her grandfather.

“To All You Who I Loved” and “To The One Who Loved You” will be released simultaneously from October 7th. The comments of the artist who handles the theme song are as follows.

Keina Suda

This time, I wrote the song “Kumo wo Koiu” as the theme song for the movie “Boku ga Ashita all Kimi e.”

When I first saw the storyboards, I was very impressed by the delicate scenes and heart patterns already drawn.

While there are various forms of relationships, I made music so that I could be an accomplice. Even if the past fades and the future is unknown, I believe there is something specific. I would be happy if I could color this movie even a little.

Shinya Ishihara (Saucy Dog)

Memories too beautiful to be weathered.
“If I could turn back time, what would I have done then?”
“Are we still “two”?”
“A story about someone like that.”

It’s far from the future I wanted, but I’m sure we’ll meet again there. Then smile again and say, “I’m tired of waiting.” Let’s talk about memories of that time.

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