The No. 1 TV anime character popularity ranking played by ‘Satsuki Yukino’ has been decided! 3rd place is Kaname Chidori of ‘Full Metal Panic.’

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From September 19, 2021, to September 25, 2021, the Netorabo Survey Team conducted a questionnaire asking, “What do you like about the TV anime character played by Satsuki Yukino?”

Satsuki Yukino has played various roles, from energetic girls to adult older sisters. Who is the most popular character she has played? In this survey, we received a total of 1639 votes. Thank you for your many votes! Let’s see the ranking results.

Kaname Chidori (Full Metal Panic!)
The third place was “Kaname Chidori,” with 177 votes. Kaname is a second-year high school student who attends Tokyo Metropolitan Jindai High School. She is a beautiful girl who serves as the vice president of the Student Organization, but she has a lively and masculine personality, and she is a little sloppy.

Yukino-san’s performance was particularly shining in the gag scene where she puts a sharp tsukkomi on the main character, Sousuke Sagara, who has a series of natural blurs. She commented, “I like it! I love it! Especially with Sosuke!”

Tae Shimura (Gintama)
The second place was “Tae Shimura.” She ranked second with 356 votes. Tae Shimura is Shinpachi Shimura’s older sister. She is a beautiful and caring woman, but when she gets angry, she quickly becomes ferocious, using words and tremendous strength that do not seem to be very female lines.

The gap, which has both a gentle and ferocious side, was a perfect match for her acting. In the comments, there were opinions such as “The distinction between blurring and intense blurring is laughing” and “a gentle voice and a KITZ personality, one vote for Tae Shimura, a martial arts sect.”

Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha)
The first place was “Kagome Higurashi.” She is proudly ranked number one with 429 votes and a 26.2% turnout. Kagome is a third-year junior high school girl who lives in Higurashi Shrine. One day she was dragged from a well in a shrine during the Warring States period, and she was involved in a battle over the four soul balls.

She is usually a kind girl who is more worried about others than herself, but she is constantly quarreling with Inuyasha and often punches with her spirit “sitting.” Kagome, a cute but strong orthodox heroine, was an addictive role for Yukino-san.

In her comments, she said, “I’m Kagome,” and “I’m still my favorite character even after nearly 20 years.”

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