Is it possible to use ‘non-professional voice actors’? No? Masterpiece anime movies that were ‘pros and cons.’

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Topicality and criticism caused by the appointment of actors and actresses

It is industry practice to use actors and actresses as voice actors for animated films. As long as there is a commercial aspect, the work must be recognized by many people.

Deformed expressions with intonations are common in anime, and natural acting seems to be reflected unnaturally. Below, we will introduce three famous works recorded by actors and actresses. Some people have a positive impression that “in the end, it all depends on your acting ability,” but some people are not good at using guests. What are your thoughts on this? – [Howl’s Moving Castle] also became a hot topic. In the Ghibli movie [Howl’s Moving Castle], the gorgeous cast, such as Chieko Baisho as the main character Sophie and Takuya Kimura as Howl, has become a hot topic. I was.

As for the evaluation of the voice actors, there are still some people who have doubts about the voice quality of the daily play and people who flicker at the faces of the actors. Originally, Ghibli works often used talent, but this work, coupled with the name value of the cast, may have created a sense of resistance from the viewers.

However, overall, there were many favorable opinions, and their actions led to the work’s charm. In particular, Chieko Baisho’s performance (young age, old woman Sophie) and Takuya Kimura’s addiction to the role was impressive.

Shoko Nakagawa, who has a deep relationship with the movie version [ Pocket Monsters ]Ms. Many past Pokemon movies have been voiced by people who aren’t voice actors. Actress Moka Kamishiraishi and Kabuki actors Kankuro Nakamura and Shoko Nakagawa appeared in the latest work, “Theatrical version Pokemon Coco.”

This is the 13th appearance of Shoko Nakagawa, a serious Pokemon. Shoko Nakagawa has been highly praised for her ability as a voice actress, receiving praise from Masako Nozawa at the recording site of the same work in the past. She has some voices criticizing her voice-acting activities on the internet, but she does not deny her acting ability. Perhaps because she is widely in charge of voice acting for national titles, her love for her work is questioned, and her talent image is biased.

In “Detective Conan,” stick readings are sometimes done into jokes. The theatrical version of “Detective Conan” is a national anime movie on the 26th of 2023.

From the 13th onwards, guest voice actors are used for named characters. Regarding the news about guest voice actors and the reaction to talk events, fans often accept her as long as she has acting ability. Minami Hamabe, who appeared in “Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet,” received the majority of positive impressions that there was no sense of discomfort that guest voice actors tend to have.

On the other hand, if the guest voice actor’s performance is poor, it will become a source of anger and laughter from the fans. When I checked the reviews of the past works, there were opinions such as “It would have been better if it was a professional voice actor” and “At least cast a character other than an important character.”

As an aside, in the big hit “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” the main characters were left to the main voice actors, and other than that, guest voice actors were appointed. It is an excellent example of achieving both qualities of work and promotion. What kind of voice actors do you think are the best for anime fans?

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